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With eyes on the new glazed pavilion designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, here’s a look back at Louis Kahn’s original Kimbell, which put the institution. The Kimbell Art Museum by architect Louis I. Kahn was built in Fort Worth, Texas, United States in Past show featuring works by Louis Kahn at Kimbell Art Museum Fort Worth, Camp Bowie Boulevard Mar 26th – Jun 25th

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Kahn determined the exact shape of the vault through his collaboration with a structural engineer, Dr.

Retrieved July 7, Interesting to hear that Renzo Piano is doing the extension at The Kimbell. The Geren organization had a solid reputation for bringing in projects on time and within budget, but by their own admission they were not especially innovative.

Building Art, Building Science. Texas State Historical Association. This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat The schematic designs for the new Kimbell building were made public in Novemberand the plans were released in May Kimnell to post more this week, but thanks for keeping up with the gilded owl! Paul GauguinSelf-Portrait In The Realm of Architecturedeclare that “in Fort Worth, Kahn created a skylight system without peer in the history of architecture.

The new building opened in October and quickly achieved an international reputation for architectural excellence. In his own buildings, Kahn used such materials as travertine to emulate the timeless and monolithic qualities he so admired in those ancient structures.

Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture | Kimbell Art Museum | Artsy

To achieve a sense of serenity and elegance in the Kimbell, Kahn selected materials that complemented each other in tone and surface: Though thoroughly modern in its lack of ornament or revivalist detail, the building suggests the grand arches and vaults of Roman architecture, a source of inspiration that Museu, himself acknowledged. Kahnsays the entry gallery is “one of the most beautiful spaces ever built,” with its “astonishing, ethereal, silver-colored light. Kahn was pleased with this development because it allowed him to design the museum with galleries that resembled the ancient Roman vaults he had always admired.


In areas without art, such as the lobby, cafeteria and library, the entire reflector is perforated, making it possible for people standing beneath to glimpse passing clouds.

Kay Kimbell was a wealthy Fort Worth businessman who built an empire of over 70 companies in a variety of industries. The new building should also resolve a parking issue at the museum. Working with simple materials, notably brick and concrete, Kahn applied his principles to create buildings instilled with the spiritual qualities he desired through a masterful sense of ,imbell and light.

Creating the right look to the concrete was a matter of serious importance to Kahn, who went to great museumm to select the proper color soft gray with lavender tones determined by the mixture of sand and cement. Pastels by Louis I. He employed this approach to create his first masterpiece, the Salk Institute — Because the stiffening arches of the shells are thicker at atr top, the transparent strips are tapered, thinner at the top than at the bottom.

Louis Kahn / Kimbell Art Museum

He married Velma Fuller, who kindled his interest in art collecting by taking him to an art show in Fort Worth inwhere he bought a British painting.


Kagn Brettell, director of the Dallas Museum of Art, said, “He was, in some ways, single-handedly responsible for turning the Kimbell from an institution with a great building into one whose collection matched its architecture in quality”. Geren was made associate kinbell, a practice followed in Fort Worth for out-of-state architects.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A firestorm of protest erupted. The spaces of the galleries do not delineates each individual vault shape but is flowing from one to another as a result of the liberation of space achieved with the removal of walls. Pillsbury continued the art acquisition program in an aggressive but disciplined fashion.

In the Realm of Architecture. Creating a natural lighting system that has evoked such acclaim was challenging, and Kahn’s office and the lighting designer Richard Kelly investigated over approaches in their search for the proper skylight system.


Gong XianLandscape, c. He hired a computer expert to determine the exact shape of the reflector’s curve, making it one of the first architectural elements ever to be designed with computer technology. They set up the Kimbell Art Foundation in to establish an art institute, and by the time of his death inthe couple had amassed what was considered to be the best selection of old masters in the Southwest.