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Laguna de Chautengo. km southeast of Acapulco lies between the sea and a natural sandbank. Boats can be hired to explore the mangrove swamps. Las peñas, Laguna Chautengo Author: nucita. Photos are copyrighted by their owners. Laguna de Chautengo Laguna de Chautengo Author: Leobardo Espíritu . Laguna Chautengo is a lagoon and is nearby to El Llano and Llano de la Barra. Laguna Chautengo from Mapcarta, the free map.

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In these cases it can be replaced plants, apply watering if possible and reduce heat stroke covering the plants with palm leaves. Laguha role of the school sector will be to form teams that are capable of transmitting the environmental knowledge acquired in the course to the general population. The lagoon is type III, it is an internal barrier platform.

Yr – Weather forecast for Laguna Chautengo, Guerrero (Mexico)

The photo ” iglesia en chautengo ” was uploaded by user maximo The lagoon its provided by Lagkna and Copala rivers, which belongs to Florencio Villareal and Copala townships. These activities will be carried out in 5-hour work days.

Videos provided by Youtube are under the copyright of their owners. The seasonal cycle influences the periodic opening and closing of the mouth of the mangrove, which remains open, generally, from June to January.

Photos provided by Panoramio are under the copyright of their owners.

Discover Chautengo in Mexico! Various rivers here form large estuaries and lagoons that ve various species of commercial fish. Marine Technology Society Journal 43 1: This will require taking preventive measures fencing the reforested site or corrective repair the fence or report the matter in the town assembly. Towards adaptation in Costa Rica. For this stage, a laguan number of animals originating from the lagoon will have returned, which are of ecological and economic importance.

The main reforestation program will be supported by three subprograms in order to guarantee its success and continuity, an environmental education program for community members, cleaning of canals and the setting up of a nursery to generate seedlings.

The people of these region are predominantly afro-mexican and they inhabit Mexican territory for more than five centuries without the complete recognition of their rights in the Constitution. They serve as a link with other community actors such as parents and local volunteers.

Due to its social work trajectory in the communities surrounding the Chautengo lagoon will be, centralize the relationships of the stakeholders present in the system to focus efforts on the conservation of the red mangrove.


In they propose an international reforestation challenge, however, their registration is incomplete. Mangrove forests are one of the most productive ecosystems in the world, generating high biomass productivity that they export to neighboring ecosystems such as sea grasses and coral reefs and offer a huge amount of ecosystem services, however, these forests are one of the more threatened by the intensive use of its wood, mining and construction for tourism purposes.

The photo ” puesta de sol en chautengo ” was uploaded by user maximo Madera y Bosques9 1: The key players that will drive the success of this program are the professional team of Tlali A. Absorbing Climate Impacts How can climate risk insurance be linked with other forms of social protection to help vulnerable communities absorb climate impacts? The photo ” La Patria es primero ” was uploaded by user geomaza.

Laguna De Chautengo, Gro

The ecological actions will begin with an environmental evaluation led by the interdisciplinary group of experts members and collaborators of Tlali AC. Advances in Marine Biology The objective of this reforestation program is to generate an understanding of how to conserve the mangrove from the participation of the community, promoting environmental education.

The target population is divided into three groups:. The photo ” calle al sur 2 ” was cbautengo by user maximo Fueyo-Mac Donald y C. Interesting facts about this location. In the long term, with the monitoring and appropriate constancy, the biogeochemical cycles that regulate the energy flow vhautengo matter in the system will be stabilized.

Wednesday, 2nd of January Sky is clear, light breeze, clear sky.

The photo ” Bandera Mexicana en Cruz Grande ” was uploaded by user maximo Marine Freshwater Research Cleaning and preparation of the work area: The culture of mangrove care will follow. Bosque de manglar, un ecosistema que debemos cuidar. In order to carry out the reforestation actions, it is proposed to create a temporary employment program for local inhabitants, in which labor training will be given to the volunteers obtained from the “Information Forum of importance and ecological and social strategies for the Laguna de Lgauna “.

About Contests Community Search. Geographically, it consists of part of the Sierra Madre del Sur, a strip of rolling hills that lowers to coastal plains to the Pacific Chautenog. We were able to observe a large number of related projects that are or have participated in Climate Colab, however, our project is innovative in including children as a fundamental part of chauteng project.


To supply healthy and vigorous plants that our reforestation and maintenance chautnego require, we will rely on the management and installation of a community nursery garden with an annual capacity of thirty thousand red mangrove plants Rhizophora mangle with high quality standards, and thus achieve sustainability as plant inputs for chautenog.

As a result of the educational process focused on the elementary and junior high school students of the Chautengo lagoon, a selection ds will be carried out of the most enthusiastic and well-informed students of the subject so that they become speakers in the “Information Forum of importance and ecological and social strategies for the Laguna de Chautengo “; In this forum the selected students will present the acquired knowledge and importance of the work in the lagoon for parents, local volunteers and the school sector.

Depressions flooded in the internal margins of the continental border, which surround terrigenous surfaces in their internal margins with mangrove vegetation to which they protect from the sea sandy barriers produced by currents and waves.

Chautengo Destination Guide (Guerrero, Mexico) – Trip-Suggest

The photo ” Laguna de Chautengo ” was uploaded by user Leobardo E. The photo ” cruz grande, gro ” was uploaded by user maximo Small farms are of great impact in food production, but community production of forest plants can impact climate change. Community intervention is not only a proposal that is made for the community, nor cyautengo the community, it is rather a process that the community plans, conducts and se.

The understanding of reality in the form of socio-ecological ee strengthens the relationship between society and nature. In order to evaluate the results of the project, an impact analysis plan will be executed with various biotic and abiotic indicators, which will be previously monitored, during and after the reforestation according to the mangrove maintenance program, the data will allow us to determine the success of this project for the conservation of the mangrove.

The environmental assessment will be governed by the current and historical chaautengo of the biotic aspects of the flora and fauna of the mangrove; and abiotic as the physical, cjautengo and hydrodynamic factors of the body of water of the Chautengo lagoon to locate the areas at risk that require reforestation of the mangrove.