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Built in , Maison de Verre stands till this day as a true classic – beautifully modern, minimal and imbued with countless design lessons. Architect: Pierre Chareau in collaboration with Bernard Bijvoet at least until The Maison de Verre, the work of Chareau wavered continually. Description Change this. The Maison de Verre (House of Glass) is a collaboration of the interior and furniture designer Pierre Chareau, the.

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It was built between and and is a stunning example of modern architecture in the beginning of the twentieth century. Retrieved 1 December Some of the notable “industrial” elements included rubberized floor tiles, bare steel beams, perforated metal sheet, heavy industrial light fixtures, and mechanical fixtures.

Pierre Chareau – La Maison de Verre. “in Detail” | The Strength of Architecture | From

The Maison de Verre is just as difficult to classify according to accepted genres or common ideologies as is Marcel Duchamp’s equally atypical work, Le Grand Verre, his famous glass construction created during df yearsmore accurately known as The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelorseven. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Maison de Verre. The external form is defined by translucent glass block walls, with select areas of clear glazing for tranparency.

The complexity of its movable elements places the Maison Verre in a timeless situation pirere the history of architecture. About Advertising Contact Newsletters Privacy.

Paris, France by Pierre Chareau Change this. En la planta baja se encuentra la consulta del Dr. Constructed in the early modern style of architecturethe house’s design emphasized three primary traits: The master bedroom and the secondary bedrooms are located on the third floor facing the rear garden whereas the service area is located in the north, within the new built volume.


Pierre Chareau – La Maison de Verre. “in Detail”

This unique system causes a minimum of visual impact on the glass facade of the structure. A passage overlooking the garden. Renderings of the grand salon of Maison de Verre, as seen through a VR headset.

However, Chareau’s diverse body of work has received hardly any exposure in the U.

By accepting or closing this banner you agree to maidon use of cookies. A weight and pulley system opens the window panels, allowing for natural ventilation. The primary materials used were steelglassand glass block. The Maison de Verre was commissioned by Dr.

The exhibition attempts to piece together parts of Chareau’s life and works during those charesu times, while integrating in-vogue media and technology that can appeal to today’s broader audience. The access to the house is through a narrow passageway that finishes in a courtyard with the different entrances. After Chareau fled Paris from German occupation during World War II, his own designs and his vfrre art collection were scattered vverre he sold them, as he tried to rebuild his career in New York.

Are you sure you want to block this user and hide all related comments throughout the site? This effect is totally felt in the living room, the main double height space of the house.

A rotating screen hid the stairs leading to the private apartment in the upper floors from patients during the day, but framed the stairs at night. Views Read Edit View history. Pierre Chareau was a French architect and designer best known for the groundbreaking Maison de Verre in Paris that he designed with Dutch architect Bernard Bijvoet.


Pierre Chareau who was a distinguished furniture designer in Paris at the time gave enormous attention to detail, so much that the house itself was sometimes half-mockingly described as an elaborate piece of furniture. Constructed in the early modern style of architecture, the house’s design emphasized three primary traits: Pierre Chareau, Maison de Verre, The two main facades of the house north and south are built using a translucent glass block fabric with clear glass openings in very specific moments.

Maison de Verre Change this. In the interior, spaces are separated by movable, sliding, folding or rotating screens in glass, sheet or perforated metal. The exhibition still dedicates much of itself to Chareau’s seminal work, the Maison de Verre, but it also highlights over rarely-seen pieces that the Museum amassed from major public and private collections throughout Europe and the U. Pierre Chareau an eclectic architect.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Internally, spatial division is variable by the use of vhareau, folding or rotating screens in glass, sheet or perforated metal, or in combination.

This variable circulation pattern was provided for by a rotating screen which hid the private stairs from patients during the day, but framed the stairs at night. In front of the reception of the clinic and ppierre by a series of translucent movable translucent panels, there is the main stair of the house that leads into the house of Dalsace’s marriage.