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Offering a full range of ergonomic adjustments and configurability, the Goal G Series Task Chair from Interstuhl is a versatile choice for. The Interstuhl Goal collection is designed by Hans-Georg Piorek. It’s a top-quality all-inclusive solution for everyday ergonomic relaxation. This classic chair lets. Below you can view and/or download the English PDF manual of your Interstuhl Goal G Office Chair. Couldn’t find the manual that you were looking for?.

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Call-back period as soon as possible 8. If you have any questions about this or any other product, call us or email us. Materials in the collection Goal. These casters do not lock, they only exert just enough resistance so that the chair does not roll on its own when weight is removed, allowing users to re-position the chair with minimal effort.

Goal puts you in a position to turn expertise into success. Reduces Risk of Lower Back Pain – The wide range of adjustments offered in the Goal enable each user to configure the chair to best suit their body type and task requirements. This goaal chair lets you unwind at work and makes it easier to handle everyday tasks successfully and with greater appreciation.

The Synchronous movement on the Goal features adjustable resistance which can be set for the weight and comfort of each individual user. Each position has its own story. This discourages a “set it and leave it” approach interstugl can occur with seats which have complex mechanisms with benefits that are hard to ascertain the immediate effects of. This can either be accomplished on a consistent basis throughout the workday through the small adjustments users make as they shift between tasks or on a more pro-active basis by making a point to regularly lean back through the full range of movement, even doing so several times in a row.

An additional benefit of this can be a reduction to the risk of development of muscle tension which can lead hoal performance-reducing interwtuhl potentially debilitating headaches.

Other models in the collection Goal

My data is used only strictly earmarked for processing and answering my request. Its variations are as diverse as the persons using them; Goal emphasises the language of the individual corporate identity in various ways, yet always in a pleasant manner.


Can Reduce General Fatigue – Movement is key to ensuring that worker fatigue is controlled. Rear View of Goal Chair. Width from the inner edge of the left armrest to the inner edge of the right armrest: Goal G Chair, User Guide.

Load-Dependent Casters for Hard Floors: Niterstuhl Goal is equipped with soft 65 mm load-dependent casters for safety. Our everyday life is made up of the things that surround us all day long and changes do not simply occur – they are a result of how we handle things.

If you are too low and the angle of your legs and torso is less than 90 then you should raise your chair to the appropriate level while also raising your input devices to a similarly appropriate height. Swivel chair with synchronous mechanism and wight adjustment, base seat height setting. This results in a highly breathable seat that will provide support for many years while standing up to the wear and tear of everyday use. Both armrests can be easily removed with a simple Allen key included.

Regular employment of this feature can benefit the internal operations of the body by reducing potential interstuhk in the digestive tract and permitting the diaphragm to move more freely which in turn can significantly increase cardiovascular activity. Adjust the Armrests to Match Your Build – Small users will want to position the rests closer to the back, larger users further from the back. Can Reduce Risk of Circulation Restriction in Lower Legs – The “waterfall” front on the seat reduces the potential for any sharp edges against the back of the legs.

The seat remains in correct alignment to the back regardless of the angle selected.

Manual – Interstuhl Goal G Office Chair

This moves more oxygen to the brain and contributes to a greater degree of mental alertness which can lead to greater productivity as users may also find themselves able to remain alert and comfortable for greater periods. Yes, I have read the privacy policy interstugl I agree that the data I provide will be collected and stored electronically. This classic chair lets you unwind at work and makes it easier to handle everyday tasks successfully and with gpal appreciation.

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GOAL G – Office chairs from Interstuhl | Architonic

This means that the chair will not roll away from the user when they stand up. The Goal features 4-D Armrests that are adjustable for height, width from the inner edge of the left armrest to the inner edge of the right armrestdepth forward and backward and pivot 1 indexed point in or out. Materials Doors Windows Staircases Building construction. Most-visited Products List of the most-visited products by Interstuhl.


Fine tune the resistance tension of the Synchronous Mechanism to match your comfort. The movement permitted by the Synchronous mechanism can be used to avoid the potential risks of static sitting, even when remaining seated.

Adjusting the armrests as needed ensures that the shoulder joints are gol overloaded and that the muscles of the shoulders and neck are not overstrained. The seat tilt adjustment is not intended to be performed under loaded conditions. Product information and downloads. The tension in the back rest can be adjusted to customize the level of counter resistance as the user leans back in the chair.

Interstuhl Goal 152G Office Chair

The 4-D armrests are highly adjustable and can easily be repositioned when moving between task types. Contact us by phone! This enables inherstuhl to easily set their seat to a height appropriate to their build, optimizing their posture at their workstation. Synchronous Movement Lock Option: Encourages Active Movement – The range of movement offered by the Goal encourages regular movement which keeps lubricating fluid moving through joints, reducing or eliminating stiffness, and also actively stretches muscles which can become shortened from extended static sitting.

Our everyday life is made up of the things that surround us all day long and changes do not simply occur – they are a result of how we handle things. Multiple levels of lumbar support, adjustable in height and pressure, ensure that the 152v receives the appropriate support for each user. You want to have finger widths between the back of your knees and the front of the seat pan. For pricing, availability or to order this product, visit our online store.

All chairs come with soft-surface double casters and a durable aluminum base powder-coated in brilliant silver. Height Adjustable Back Rest: Each position has its own story.

This will also have the added benefit of encouraging cardiovascular activity with the associated improvement in overall alertness.