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The blackout option is located under the Security Tab, and it’s called “Redaction.” To access this fantastic feature, launch Nitro PDF and click. Here are steps to redacting a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat to effectively hide sensitive information from view without losing document formatting. Use any of the following methods to open a PDF file in Nitro Pro . By selecting Search and Redact you can search for keywords to find and redact throughout.

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On the main menu click on “Protect” and the click on the “Arrow” that points down and click on “Mark Content” Next nutro “Mark for Redaction”. Imagine that the word hundred had a dark highlight over it a redaction instead of a strikethrough, so you could clearly see someone took out a word.

Nitro Pro for Windows has a redaction tool that lets you block texts and images on your PDF permanently from viewing. The PDF document will be uploaded to the program automatically. Native Load File Nitfo. Check and determine if the PDF file you want to redact is saved on a network location or locally. If using Acrobat, be sure to use redaction tools and not drawing tools, as drawing tools will not remove text layers.


The investigator does not know what to redact since the investigation it’s still pending. Two-Part Improved Translation Workflow.

Blackout PDF Texts with Nitro PDF Not Working? Fixed!

With all tools, be sure to use redaction tools and not drawing tools, as drawing tools will redaact remove text layers. Data Right, Ownership and Confidentiality. Master Date and Metadata Fields. If it’s located on a network location, you should save to your computer. Upload the redacted file s to the case in LEP.

Editing after signing is not appropriate.

Blackout PDF Texts with Nitro PDF Not Working? Solved!

Clearly showing you have removed portions of a document? Redact and Do Quality Control.

It was removed from the file, and can’t be put back. So a Digital Signature doesn’t allow to do that in the first place, as it should. The only way I could envision it working is if all the people who signed a file will validate that their signature still applies to the redacted version, but that’s no different from simply signing it again.

The above-mentioned communities work this way around the world. Self-Upload a Native Production. Redaction is very definitely editing. Nitro PDF allows you to apply square fields over specific areas within your PDF documents so as to permanently cover or blackout PDF texts, images or information that you would like to keep private.


You can’t keep it signed and redact. Maybe crucial bits of other information were also removed when the file was redacted? Then you might have supervisors making quality control of the redaction marks and only then the final marks are applied.

I’ve been reading a lot lately on Adobe forums and it seems that as soon as Adobe has no factual solution they tend to verbalize their solution as an acceptance ho describing a situation that fits with their bug.

So how can we apply redaction marks after signature? There is a 1 GB limit on the size of a redacted document uploaded in this way. Excel and Word Export.

On Windows, you will have to download Nitro Pro software whereas on Mac you will have to look for its alternative. Besides, it also help users to annotate, create, convert, edit PDF files with ease.

You can then run the program just in the same way you launch other Mac software. Sharing a document such as a signed contract with confidential portions hidden from view? QC of Self-Uploaded Natives.

Transcript and Exhibit Management.