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La treponematosis en la historia de Colombia. Rev. Inmersa. 1 (2) APUNTES DE HISTORIA DE LA MEDICINA. Introducción a la Paleopatología. Paleopatologia & Paleoepidemiologia. Epidemiologia de Atenase história de doenças, possibilidades elimites: Ocaso do sscorbuto e da peste de Atenas. HISTORIA DE LA PALEOPATOLOGÍA ANDINA. Wed, September 11, , PM. Centro Cultural de San Marcos: Av. Nicolás de Piérola – Parque.

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Sistema OJS – Metabiblioteca.

Concordance of frozen and permanent sections for the diagnosis of skin lesions. Administration of a brew or foxglove decoction designed to cure or, more likely, to poison the prince, was almost certainly responsible for this acute and fatal intoxication.

Il corpo del Principe. From there, it was moved twice, once to the churchyard, and then to a marble tomb over the church entrance, above which is an equestrian statue of Cangrande in tournament armour. Am J Clin Pathol MR imaging of the breast for detection, diagnosis, and staging of breast cancer. I Frantoi nell’Italia Romana. Immunochemical analysis of extracts of feces and liver revealed the presence of paleopatlogia concentrations of digoxin and digitoxin, equivalent to several dozens of nanograms per gram, with presence of Digitalis pollen in the feces.


Magnetic resonance-guided biopsy of suspicious breast lesions with a handheld vacuum biopsy device. The pulmonary tissue surrounding two fibrous hisoria anthracotic areas appeared to be still expanded, with dilated and confluent alveolidestruction of the septal walls and presence of cell-rich exudate in the lumen Fig.

The skin showed a dark brown color at the head and legs, and light brown under the clothes.

Cangrande della Scala | La mummia di Cangrande della Scala, signore di Verona

Application of segmentation and 3D rendering techniques in the mummies of Cangrande della Scala and S. Risultati delle indagini palinologiche. The hair was curly and brown.

Finally, the nodular fibrosis of the lungs was the result of tuberculosis, a very common disease in the crowded and unhealthy medieval towns of those times. The immunochemical methods adopted and their sensitivity.

Histology evidenced liver fibrosis and a severe irregular lung emphysema, with nodular fibrosis and massive anthracosis. Proposal for a national autopsy data bank.

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The stature was 1. The Scientific Study of Mummies.


Pathologists and the autopsy. Am J Pathol Cosa si cela dentro il monumento funebre di Jacopo Della Quercia? Giacomo della Marca Computed Tomography CT has become a routinely non-invasive technique paleopstologia paleopathology, La historia de la medicina y de la enfermedad: Laboratorio Cangrande della Scala.

The cranial cavity revealed a good preservation of the menynx Fig. Stain Technology30, Hisroria J Clin Pathol 76 Suppl: Francesco I e Bianca. The soft tissues of the face appeared preserved, with retracted lips revealing the upper anterior incisors and a flattened nose Fig. Histology of the liver showed typical hepatic tissue with many collapsed fibrous portal zones close, but not confluent to each other, by liquefaction of the hepatic cells Fig.

He was lying on his back with his arms folded across the thorax and his lower limbs extended Fig. Giovanni dalle Bande Nere. La treponematosis en la historia de Colombia. Paleopatologua in the Americas.

La autopsia y sus objetivos.