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Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak Higglety Pigglety Pop! or There Must Be More to Life by Maurice Sendak . Maurice Sendak’s books have been, right along, projections of concepts rather than pictorializations of plots, so that it is almost gratuitous to. Discovering ‘Higglety Pigglety Pop!’ as an adult, Malcolm Jones came late to Sendak’s world and never left.

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Sendak elaborates a modern tale of multiple themes. It’s not quite what I had remembered! Yet what some may not know is that Sendak wrote and illustrated much more than that one popular book. The baby tears ;op the things in her bag; she almost gets eaten by a lion; she gets lost in the woods; and yet Jennie reaches Castle Yonder, where she, quite contentedly, decides to stay. There is also a theatre company and it turns out she wants to act.

But either way, has a life-lesson on how to appreciate life. She does end up being happy in the end. All I can remember is crying, from the beginning to the end. So very very strange, this book is.

Higglety Pigglety Pop! or There Must Be More to Life – Wikipedia

There’s just something so creepy and fascinating about it — I think it’s impossible to put your finger on it, but I remember being drawn to it even when there were plenty of new books to tackle. Her treasured possessions include a bottle of eyedrops, a bottle of eardrops, some pills, a comb and brush, and a red sweater.


This was the book that charmed me just higvlety to stay with me nearly two decades later after reading it a single time; this was the book that got away, that try as I might I couldn’t find. Thanks for your help!

HIGGLETY PIGGLETY POP! by Maurice Sendak | Kirkus Reviews

View all 4 comments. A Portrait of Maurice Sendak. She learns she must gain “experience” in order to get a job. They present at once a playful humor as she interacts with other characters—many of them animals, as well as one baby—and a sense of the isolation that looms and encroaches upon her. I felt like there was a “fairy tale” or “Mother Goose” vibe, though I couldn’t place it — I had a strong recollection of Old Mother Hubbard.

With just 10 months to create the entire film, the filmmakers could not use stop-motion or any of their traditional animation techniques. Jun 09, Carol Irvin rated it really liked it. I was never a big Sendak fan, but this story is different.

It is both funny and dark, weird and wonderful, with Jennie the terrier who packs her bag and sets off to find Indeed, Jennie, the Sealyham terrier, has everything she could ever want: Even as a child, I read this as a version of Doggie Heaven, and it offered me great comfort when my best dog friend died, and it offers me comfort now with the passing of a great author.


It acts as a catalyst for deeper thought.


Jul 25, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The context matched the pictures very well, but I felt that there was still something missing from the story.

The illustrations are intricate black and white drawings. Sendak was born in Brooklyn, New Sehdak, to Polish-Jewish immigrant parents, and decided to become an illustrator after viewing Walt Disney’s film Fantasia at the age of twelve. An elementary school from kindergarten to grade five in North Hollywood, California is named in his honor. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

They decided instead to primarily make use of puppetrycombined with some stop-motion.

So Jenny leaves home. Those Punch and Judy pop-up stage plays also creep me out.