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, English, Book, Illustrated edition: Hibernate made easy: simplified data Hibernate and JPA (Java persistence API) annotations / by Cameron McKenzie. Find Hibernate Made Easy by McKenzie, Cameron Wallace at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. Hibernate made easy: simplified data persistence with Hibernate and JPA (Java persistence API) annotations / by Cameron McKenzie.

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Hibernate used in this book is outdated. This is ok, and might be fixed by the time you buy the book.

Hi Cameron, Just see this topic, you are amazing. Hi CameronFinally i bought your book hibernate made easy.

Hibernate Made Easy

He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever – Chinese proverb. Cameron Wallace McKenzie wrote: I do not think it is available in India Keep in mind when reading this book, that in order to keep it simple, some alternative solutions are not discussed.

This is a book to get you started. The other books are so yucky. This is the only thing that comes close to the head first style of teaching. Is this book still worth buying? Cameron has been asked this question earlier.

Your book cost me INR which is 6 times higher the other books in India but i don’t regret it. Earlier this week, I received the book. When can we expect book to be available in India, and If it is available then could you please provide details?

  1348 USMC PDF

If you read and do the example during weekend by Monday you can not only code you can tell other developer what is Hibernate and how it work and how the eady should implement in your project. Mr Cameron, I’ve heard that you are writing a hbernate for Spring.

I want to learn purchase its Indian edition to learn Hibernate. Please see that this book gets published in india.

It was so easy to understand the author’s style of explanation that I purchased his book straight away. I was required to know Hibernate for my current project, and for the past 3 months I was struggling with it, not understanding why I cant mckenzis save everytime my persistence instance changes their properties, etc.

Hibernate Made Easy by Cameron McKenzie (Books forum at Coderanch)

And my first impression after reading the first 3 chapters of the book? I would suggest do a search on the forums. Camedon Is this book available in Indian edition in India? I am typing it all by hand. I do not think it is available in India, I searched bookstores but could not find. While I have a long list of beefs with the book mostly layoutI still think it is the best Camerom resource I’ve seen. I want to start learning hibernate from your book.

However, it has a steep learning curve. Thanks a lot for writing a book like this. Btw, its still relevant to me even today.

It is easier to get published via POD, but more work in terms of distribution and marketing. Need a good book for Hibernate. Can i buy PDF version madr this book in India? Or do you just want to buy that book in India? Although the book is priced a little on the high end, but let me assure you, if you want to understand the fundamentals of Hibernate quickly, this book is worth every penny.


Thanks so much for mckenzle interest! Now, there are many pieces to the Hibernate puzzle and Cameron manages to pick the subjects that are the necessary building blocks to move on to the more advanced topics.

Could somebody tell me the publisher’s name. Hhibernate was thinking about writing some technical books, but so far I don’t start yet.

I believe that everything in the book is still relevant, though there may be new Hibernate features that have come out afterwards that will not be covered. It is a database tool that I would not live without. I read other Hibernate books at the time and none of them were particularly helpful. It immediately enlightens me on the concept of Hibernate.

I’m not sure hibernae.

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Everything in this book are kept to the basic simple way to explain it. Cameron, may i translate your book to Indonesian language?

Still I can not see the book in bookstore Cameron: