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The Harbal mastering software has been around for more than seven years now, and its first release version was reviewed by Martin Walker back in SOS March. After WaveLab, I have to have Harbal. The name is a short form for Harmonic Balance. It solves one of the most challenging phases of the mastering process.

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Mastering Tutorial

I know very little about sound, but I am interested in learning more and getting a home studio setup for music production. I know very little about sound, but I am interested in learning more and getting a home studio setup for music production.

Quite a few mastering engineers use what they call a mastering chain and during the course of building or fattening the song they already have an idea what they would like the end result RMS to be.

And it does it with results like no other tool can. Three meters you should always have open are below: Paavo, who hails from Australia, does the programming and developing.

Figure 2 is a illustrative case in point of two recordings in the same genre but with vastly differing listenability. Firstly, you do not need golden ears masterin judge where the problem areas of a particular recording lie as the spectrum measurement gives you an accurate indication of this. So why is Har-Bal maastering than conventional approaches? The goal of Har-Bal is to correct existing frequencies that are in conflict with the natural sound spectrum.


Please keep in mind that you may not need to use every one of these each time and can simply mastring any of them. This material is free to copy, print and distribute freely. At low volumes we find it hard to hear low and high frequencies but as the volume increases the spectrum extremes become progressively easier to hear as is illustrated in the equal loudness contours for human hearing shown in Figure 1.

You should to pay special attention to your RMS power levels and adjust these based harbsl the genre of the music. Can you guess which one is which?

Harbal: My Second Right Arm!

Observe the numbers at the bottom of each band. When do you anticipate that a DirectX version of HarBal will be available? Your tracks will sound their best when they are first processed in Har-Bal before any digital eq or multiband [Read More].

These are included with Wavelab Phasescope — To check the stereo image Image should be mostly vertical upright with a little body to the east and west. The effect the new Air has on the spectrum is actually rather small when used modestly.

Product Information

Remember with RMS levels the lower the number the louder the song. Equal loudness contours for human hearing subject to pure tones in a free-field with the subject facing the source from ISO recommendation R But ears will always be the final judge. Har-Bal is essentially composed of two parts: When you perform EQ on a typical equalizer or mixing desk you cannot make an impartial judgment about whether a particular EQ setting is good or not because it is generally not loudness compensated.


Matsering also ensures that garbal little distortion is introduced by dynamics processing.

Product Information – Har-Bal | The Scientific Audio Mastering Solution

You will discover on a daily basis the real concept of mastering and the real mastefing why there are no perfect settings that can be used with every song. There are a number of methods used to accomplish harmonic matsering or spectral correction.

Open a wave editor Wavelab, Sound Forge Place the following plugins into the chain in this order and save as a preset with the same numbers I have inputted.

Allow your song to play through completely to the end. You will always need the Limiter. Any time values with peaks above the line are selected and those below are not.

Either way, this is achieved by a studio engineer of varying skill adjusting the harnal on a graphic, or more commonly a parametric, equalizer while monitoring the resultant sound through speakers to masteering the desired effect. With experience you will come to a better understanding of the relationship between a particular spectral shape and the overall sound quality. In other words even though I am increasing the overall volume, I am still maintaining my listening level.