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Read more about The Pomegranate Lady And Her Sons: Selected Stories and other books by Goli Taraghi. Hesam Fallah looks at ‘Second Chance’, the newest collection of short stories by Iranian writer Goli Taraghi. The doctor knows about my love of writing. She brings me a handful of white paper and some sharp pencils. I sit at the table and am frozen. What should I write?.

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I sit at the table and am frozen. But they share the same destination and destiny. Then he says no, but you can always bargain. And they dream of love, but in a very quiet shadowy way: They play the accordion and the piano, and every time they come to our house, they put on the old gramophone and convince everyone to dance. First of all, I have studied philosophy and I have always believed that social problems are very important but if your writing deals only with the political and social issues of today, it will not last.

He makes two big knots of the hair. My heart beats faster.

Books by Goli Taraghi and Complete Book Reviews

Rushdie invents words or a new language. She tarsghi the comb through my hair. Retrieved from ” https: She has a flashlight and shines it on me.


They have the keys to this dungeon. I feel sorry for him, and then the last bit of his memory is cleansed from my mind. He is a diabolical magician. Words swim in the air like planets released from gravity and circle about me.

Between Two Worlds: An Interview with Goli Taraghi – Words Without Borders

We both know that since the revolution, there has been an immense growth in the number of women writers in Iran, and many have become prominent writers. The first stories I write are confused scribblings, unfinished things.

I give them some blood and flesh, some color. I believe in pure literature.

The First Day

Her mouth is half open. I must firmly knit together words, expressions, and points and pull myself out of this dark well, this well of sleep and forgetfulness. Scattered Memories dealt golo the emotional fallout from the Iran-Iraq War. I close my eyes and see the Shemiran bus approaching from afar.

Foli jostle it and it overturns. My mother is braiding my hair and puts a spoonful of fish oil in my mouth. In the current atmosphere of writing in Iran, where do you place women writers and their work? I rub my inked hands into my clothes and dip my fingers again, one by one, into the inkpot.


I loved taeaghi go his room and watch him writing. When father was gone, I went back to his room, climbed on a chair—I was four years old— and put my finger in the inkpot. And there is a second, also. They call me a woman who has sold her soul to Western values. You probably know — I taraghhi you know — that Kiarostami, who is the leader of Iranian cinema, started this [trend]. Other Reviews in this Issue. You spend much of your time in Tehran, publish taragji work in Persian, teach, and have a large readership in Iran.

She assumed — naively, she now says — that it would last a spell. Last night I dreamed of him.

Goli Taraghi (Author of دو دنیا)

I have good news for you. The Karaj River is where thugs and knifers hang out.

I am not like these people. Tomorrow is a holiday and we will eat lunch in the garden, next to the stream. The issue also devotes taeaghi special section of fiction and poetry to the theme of illness and literature.