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On a snowy Friday night in , just hours after making love for the first time, Richard’s girlfriend, high school senior Karen Ann McNeil, falls into a coma. Review In this latest novel from the poet laureate of Gen X–who is himself now a dangerously mature boy does indeed meet girl. The year is. Nicholas Lezard on Douglas Coupland’s best yet: Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland pp, Flamingo, £ Sat 14 Nov

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Comas were also an inspiration for him. Whilst in it, she gives birth to a healthy baby daughter; once out of it, a mere eighteen years later, coipland finds herself, Rip van Winkle-like, a middle-aged mother whose friends have all gone through all the normal marital, social and political traumas and back again His eye is so firmly on the ball he’s virtually clairvoyant.

The problem, I think, is that it feels like several books mushed together: Cheryl’s narration in Hey Nostradamus! Challenge the status quo and seek to rouglas it. Aug 05, Brennan rated it it was amazing. Uggh, the book took forever to read.

And two points for Coupland for the Morrissey, the Smiths, and X-files references. BBC Radio 3 broadcast an adaptation of the novel as part of its “Drama on 3” strand on 24 February His impressive voice allows you to immerse yourself and get to know each of the characters. Not only is this a rare case in society, but to add to that, Karen wakes up wit. This book went somewhere I never expected it to go, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Maybe it’s his often unemotional style of writing a little less strong here or his habit of depicting people with lives which are seemingly going nowhere, on I find it hard to warm to him.

This makes me scared to read Catcher in the Rye again lest I cast it asunder like the rest of yesterdays lovers.

I personally didn’t get to know enough about any of the characters to care about couplajd. All these things that indicate a world inside us. I read a third of it then when he was at work and it was too cold to venture outside and set it aside as things got busy and life got kind of serious for a while.


I will still continue to read his work though because there was a lot to like in this book.

Girlfrifnd was a December night so cold and clear that the air felt like the air of the Moon–lung-burning; mentholated and pure; hint of ozone, zinc, ski wax, and Karen’s strawberry shampoo. They become alcoholics, junkies, middle-class drifters. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. What I didn’t like about ‘Girlfriend’ was that the characters were all really annoying, I couldn’t empathise with any of them.

Rate this book – very good good not so good poor very poor. Anyway, I got this at the Brokelyn Book Swap last month and I can’t pick it up without the Smiths song digging into my head, which is fine now but couplanv probably get really old really fast.

Girlfriend in a Coma

Please provide an email ih. The title, a Smiths song title, was chosen because “It’s clearly descriptive of the book, but it’s also a little salute to those points in my life when I was melting down to soundtracks provided by British gloom rockers.

This essentially made me feel like the novel was pointless. Reading the end of this book, there’s a scene where douglws major character is describing how the rest of the main characters should be.

I know it’s serious

This is another one of those books I feel bad for disliking; I kind of think this is considered a cult classic or something? And there were some parts that just depressed me for some reason. Karen wakes up seventeen years later–which means that she and her daughter are the same mental age. I was planning on reading Generation X right after this, but I don’t think that’s happening.

The novel is set in Vancouver “because [his] brain was so incapacitated [he] decided [it] had to be set in [his] own neighbourhood. Jared in Girlfriend gives us instructions, just as Jonathan gave his gull-able friends.

Jul 22, Rhys Owen rated it it was ok.

Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland

How douuglas we not have one? Regardless, my first foray into Coupland’s work hasn’t made couppand write him off; I would like to read another of his books, but hope that the magical realism, and ridiculous decisions which characters make, doesn’t get too in the way of what could be an incredibly good and well thought out story. It would’ve been better to have read the story in as originally planned. It’s well written, and everything’s going along pretty well until BAM spoiler it turns into an apocalyptic “The Stand” type book right out of the blue.


The characters largely did not feel realistic, and it did get a little silly in places. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

On the night of a teenage house-wrecking party, one of the protagonists, Karen, falls into a coma. I still choke up towards the end of Girlfriend in a Coma. And it’s not that I’m not that person an I’m still trying to sort out how I feel about this book, and Douglas Coupland in general. It’s too much, and it really fails to come together, not just logically not something I’m looking for in a Coupland novel but emotionally—and that is something at which he normally excels.

With everyone sleepwalking through life, Karen miraculously awakes, coka her worst visions come true–and here the story veers into disaster-movieland, with a sleep-inducing plague overwhelming the planet. Girlfriend in a Coma starts off strange–then gets stranger, culminating in the end of the world. It was a combination of genres, and despite being written in or so, FELT very immediate.

Girlfriend in a Coma (novel) – Wikipedia

It sounded fascinating, and I was quite intrigued by the first chapter, which was narrated by a ‘ghost’ named Jared. Girlfriend in a Coma. Well in my head right now I have a valley girl talking at me in it alics.

Here we go again