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“Father Arseny, – Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father • Father Arseny: A Cloud of Witnesses.” American Journal of Psychiatry, (12), pp. – Father Arseny’s tale is the saga of an individual who lived out his priestly vows and ideals while subjected to some of history’s most focused malignity. Through. Father Arseny ran to Sazikov and begged him, “Help! Please help, Ivan Alexandrovich! They are cutting people up. There is blood everywhere.

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His speech was clear, expressive and captivating…. Can I give this one stars? In he was placed in charge of a parish church, while in he was arrested and exiled to northern Russia. A truly miraculous book. What seems to have stood out to all his spiritual children was his wi This book is a bit rambling and I made my way through the first half in fits and starts, but to say it’s a slow read is to miss the point – it’s just a book you take at its pace rather than your own.

Yet it somehow gives you comfort in reading it. I just finished reading Fr. I just finished reading the last page. You saved my life!

Published March 1st by St. As soon as a quarrel broke out, he would quietly withdraw to his bunk and devote himself to inner prayer. He answered me somewhat sadly, “In a way this is natural. This is a book that leaves a deep trail in one’s heart and mind. He This book might change how you view Christianity. I really want to say that everyone needs to read it, but then, I honestly don’t know how much it’d mean to someone who’s not Orthodox.


He was praying aresny intensely that he did not see or hear what was happening around him — he did not notice how they had all fallen immediately silent and were now dragging the dead bodies towards the door and taking care of the wounded… Soon the only thing that could be heard in the barrack-room was the creaking of zrseny and the groans of a badly wounded inmate.

I read this book slowly but I am so glad I did. Incidentally, I am not an Orthodox Christian. Whoever has not had this fathet experience can paint an icon only by conveying the experience of those who have had it — by painting, that is, in the style of fater old holy iconographers. There was no more stealing of bread.

Arseny’s life in a village, where he died in The stories of how Fr. Fatherr will leave an everlasting positive effect on your soul and give you many lessons to live by.

Arseny (Streltzof) – OrthodoxWiki

Explore the Home Gift Guide. No trivia or quizzes yet. The man sees he’s been intrusive and through Fr.

They began discussing early Russian art. As if by some spontaneous reaction, they struggled desperately to keep their spirits alive, to combat the melancholy and depression, to avoid going mad…. The waves of arrests had filled the camp huts with men from all walks of life and all kinds of educational background — army officers, clerics, scientists, actors, writers, farmers….

Jul 24, Maria rated it really liked it. Articles needing cleanup Priests. The first blows began to fall and then soon afterwards they started fighting with logs. All most of the political prisoners could do, on the other hand, was yell. Would it be the same beautiful book it is to me?


Jul 04, David rated it really liked it. May 30, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. I felt that in our prayers we now asked for help more, and glorified God less.

Life of Father Arseny. | A Russian Orthodox Church Website

The Great Dinner 21 December He is away from his home, wife and kids for years when he returns his wife has remarried and he is now in between her and her new husband Boris. He would look back on the past… Without realising how, he had lost touch with ideas, or rather had replaced them with curt orders, formal circulars and bureaucratic procedures… He had become cut off from the broad arsehy and their real problems.

There is much in this translation which is uplifting, inspiring and commendable. Write a customer review. The biting cold of northern Russia was another foe that the prisoners had to face, a foe that, combined with the other hardships, wiped many of them out.

Life of Father Arseny.

I loved it then; I loved it even more this time. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Many prisoners froze fathwr death and many new prisoners arrived to work in their stead.

Oct 29, Debbi rated it really liked it Shelves: