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Las especies americanas de arañas de la familia Salticidae descriptas por Eugène Simon: Redescripciones basadas en los ejemplares típicos. Physis (C) A first record of the jumping spider genus Tanybelus (Salticidae: Salticinae: Salticidae Blackwall, . arañas de la familia Salticidae descriptas por. Two allopatric species of Coryphasia (Araneae: Salticidae), both described for the first Revisão das espécies sul-americanas de aranhas da família Salticidae .

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Chelicera brown, with no tooth on retromargin and three on promargin Fig.

Hasarius adansoni

Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London Uspachus bahiensis Galiano, Endite, labium and sternum dark brown. Uspachus patellaris Galiano, Alguns novos salticidas do Brasil Araneae, Salticidae.

Length of femur I 1. On the taxonomy of some neotropical species of jumping spiders described by Caporiacco Araneae, Failia. The following new combinations are established for the species formerly included in Uspachus: Uspachus juquiaensis Galiano, Known only from Guyana. Chelicera dark brown, with five teeth on retromargin and two on promargin Fig.


Hasarius adansoni – Wikipedia

Aracnidi del Messico, di Guatemala e Honduras britannico. Revision of the spider genus Sitticus Simon, Aranei, Salticidae. Commentaitiones Pontificiae Academiae Scientiarum Romitia bahiensis Galiano, comb.

Romitia nigra Caporiacco, ; Caporiacco, Romitia misionensis Galiano, comb. Chelicera dark brown, with one tooth on retromargin and two on promargin. Anterior eye row 1. Romitia albipalpis Taczanowski, comb. Romitia albipalpis Taczanowski,Romitia andina Taczanowski,Romitia bahiensis Galiano,Romitia colombiana Galiano,Romitia juquiaensis Galiano,Romitia ministerialis C.

Romitia juquiaensis Galiano, comb. Noegus niger Caporiacco, comb. Amphidraus nigritarsis Simon, Pseudamphidraus niger Caporiacco, Figs Pseudamphidraus niger Caporiacco, Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 5: New saltticidae and synonymies in Salticidae Araneae. Avalable on line at: How to cite this article.

Revision of the genus Pachomius Araneae, Salticidae. sqlticidae

Salticidae – Wikispecies

Acta Bioliologica Venezuelica 1: Palp dark brown, tegulum globose, embolus long and narrow Figs I, figspl. The type species of Pseudamphidraus Caporiacco, P.

The measurements are given in millimeters. Koch,Romitia misionensis Galiano, e Romitia patellaris Galiano, Marma baeri Simon, ; Platnick, The genus Pseudamphidraus Caporiacco, is synonymized with Noegus Simon, by transfer of its type species, Noegus niger Caporiacco, comb.


Uspachus misionensis Galiano,