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Buy DIN FURNITURE – DESIGNATIONS AND THEIR USE from SAI Global. Language: German. Written by: DIN. International title: Furniture – Designations and their use. Article no: STD Edition: Approved: 4/1/ DIN – Amendments. Replaces DIN Loading recommended items Loading recommended items Loading recommended.

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Descriptions like “leather Look” and “leather-like” should be understandable, but also depend on the local language and the way how consumers interpret such descriptions. For materials which only look like leather, descriptions or names which might lead the customer to believe they are buying genuine leather should not be allowed.

Therefore, always get confirmation of the material description in the invoice!

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Discover also Certification, assessment, diagnosis Get a quote for certification of systems, products or services, and get certified. But norms and regulations help in case of disagreements and are cited by experts in legal disputes. But anyone buying ” genuine Leather “, should always check, if the material is correctly described and if the leather quality is acceptable for the specified price prior to purchasing.


DIN EN only allows the fin “split leather”. The upper side is coated suede and the grain texture is created by embossing. Please leave your contact information if you would like a response. Today tanners offer endless types of leather with different leather surfaces and colours.

The consumer will then acquire, in good faith, a quality full leather trim with the associated extra costs only to receive partially coated split leather.

If a product is not leather, this information must be easy to find and clearly explained to the consumer. It would be much better for the consumers if all producers were forced to set out clearly when cin leather is used. Rules and laws should govern the use of terms and should make sure that such terms can only be used where “leather” is meant. May Number of pages: Veneers – Terms and definitions – Furniere – Begriffe. Provide feedback or ask a quick question about this item. As customer information, 86871 are different symbols and texts in order to characterize the offered material.

Some producers of furniture offer an artificial leather with leather fibres glued to the reverse. Destruel Date of publication: Leather was also used for tent wallskayak boat wallsthongsbelts or leather vessels. Often such descriptions are in English, even if the national language is not.


Different languages and countries have different terms used to describe leather and types of leather.

Consumers who want to make sure that they are not 68871 just for split leather, should ask and get confirmation in the purchase contract. It is not allowed to simply state “Leather”. Today’s leather goods are well-regulated and, apart from rare exceptions, free of toxins.

Basically, the relevant materials have to be declared unequivocally for example “artificial leather bag with leather decoration”. Test yourself or your business online. It can be produced from different animal species. Sometimes there are even different rules for different uses of leather within a country.

Standard – Furniture – Designations and their use DIN –

Technical Resources Instruction Manuals. In particular, with online businesses or discounted offers “leather” is frequently declared incorrectly. DIN remains valid alongside this standard until Leather is incredibly diverse.