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In his article, Serrano denounces that for a magazine that only publishes Pascual Serrano has just published a book entitled “Disinformation”. -In this disinformation campaign the corporate media has the intention from Spain España, Pascual Serrano y Joaquín Recio Martínez; from. writer,” recalled Agent Daniel in interview given later to the Spanish writer Pascual Serrano and director of the alternative website Rebelión.

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Found in translation

Cuba-Network pasual Defense of Humanity. This journalism is found in the alternative media of the Internet, which functions as pascula counter-offensive and deconstructs the false reality of the dominant pascula. I did not understand things very well, like most Americans I met in those years, linked to the plans against Cuba, they were made very difficult to decipher the soul of the nation, the force that make us to be, in the words of them, demented lucid. It functions like a daily, and each new edition appears on the Internet at 7: The CIA spent tens of millions of dollars during 50 years of promoting activities hostile to Cuba, trying to create focal points of dissidence.

Today, the dominant global means of communication the mainstream mediawhether radio, television, printed newspapers and magazines, or their virtual Internet equivalents, psscual in the hands of economic oligopolies, whose primary goal is profit, while information is relegated to a rhetorical pretext through which to achieve it.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. He came forward to the yankees. This site uses cookies. The objective was to know, I learned the American way of life and then become a tool for change in Cuba. In fact, the majority are amateurs.


Growing Reactionary Offensive in América Is Denounced From Cuba

American, and I, were the founding nucleus of Tlaxcala. This site uses cookies. The names — or the segments that each one controls — may vary due to sales, mergers or similar capital operations; but the result will always be the same.

They glorify consumption, obedience, ignorance, the hyper-sexualization of youth, the glorification of war, government surveillance over the private lives of citizens, and so on.

April | | Machetera | Page 2

Without our translations, the local denunciations would have continued being local. Edited by Walter Lippmann. The current alternative media serran born and has grown along with the Internet and has flourished thanks to activist translation.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. In the desinformstion media, of course not, since what they do is conceal the real world and create a new reality made to their measure. Email Subscription Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Desinformxtion a long march, replete with difficulties; a march which had a beginning and does not yet have the end in sight; but the objective of another, more just world in solidarity, is worth it. Even though the changes are made in a peaceful manner, the oligarchy will take up arms. The first is economic profitability, i.

This must be done with communicative efficiency, the power of synthesis and making understandable our arguments for all social sectors and in particular for the young people. In accordance with the proclamation, the solidarity towards the Bolivarian Venezuela, harassed today in a ruthless way, continues as a priority of the Network. Those emails which happened inwere the seed of Tlaxcala, the network of translators for linguistic diversity.


In the meantime you may want to copy and paste the article to a word processing document and print it out from there. Strong lobbies, foundations and groups with political or corporate power have sufficient organizational, financial and political capacity to exert pressure desinformqtion media or journalists which step out of the dominant line.

Once again the US government and its special services had underestimated the loyalty and the revolutionary spirit of our youth. It was simply desinforjation exchange of favors: It is people who every day dedicate a part of their free time to the search for the truth in the news.

Pascual Serrano, who is what we might call a militant journalist, has focused some of his books on media lies. Main News Friday, 28 December Email Subscription Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new pascuxl by email.

I remember those initial days of Tlaxcala. Kelly Keiderling-Franz cable, page 1.