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Find out more on Dell Latitude D specifications on PC World. Specifications. Dell D Processor The Dell Latitude D is optimized for hard business work Dell Latitude D Image. Compared to its predecessor, the Dell Latitude D looks like it’s been on Weight Watchers–and we love the results. This corporate system weighs a.

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Dark gray and silver are the dominating colors.

Review Dell Latitude 131L Notebook

Dell unveils Latitude series Ultrabooks with Haswell inside. In our case, the Latitude D met our expectations in some degree.

The display surface can be either a reflecting Ultra Sharp solution, or alternatively matt. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

Dell Latitude D Review (pics, specs)

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. A cool feature de,l the automatic light-sensor which adjusts screen brightness based on ambient light conditions.

D802 your product rating and submit your review. Speakers The speakers are located left and right beside the keyboard and provide good and clear sound.

Dell Latitude D820 Review (pics, specs)

Again a so-called ” powered USB ” port is provided. The rounded edges and corners make handling the notebook more comfortable and give the rather huge case an elegant appearance.

  ASTM F2329 PDF

Regarding mobile computational power there is, therefore, nothing left to be desired. Temperature The measured values were at the top side as well as at the bottom side without any anomalies. The screen locks down with two clasps which are retracted by a latch. This equipment is besides office applications also adequate for internet and Windows Vista. Both speakers at the front edge have a clear sound without basses.

Dell Latitude D – External Reviews

The Dell Latitude L reminds with its forms On the dd820 there is a SmartCard reader for corporations that use it, though SmartCards are far more popular in Europe than in America.

Even the small 6 cell battery provided us with a runtime of up to 3. It is no secret that laptop speakers are bad.

Pro Robust case High-quality materials User-friendly order of interfaces Good input devices Very low temperature and noise emissions Good battery runtime Contra Decent design Moderate haptics of the surfaces Display hinges allow a slight see-saw Moderate vertical stability to the vantage point.

The power brick stays cool spec after days of keeping the notebook plugged into the wall.

Spces Haswell-based Latitude laptops have been speds tad on the chunky side so far, but the company i There are two exhaust vents: The Latitude L’s bright, non-reflecting display with good illumination makes it well suitable for use outdoors. The screen has a high degree of torsional rigidity thanks to the magnesium alloy panel backing it resulting in little flex and no screen distortion when twisting the screen frame.


Review Dell Latitude D Notebook.

The keyboard of the Latitude D seems clear and is in general well-structured. The sound subsystem on the D is controlled by the Sigmatel audio chipset.

I orginally had a Macbook 13inch, and it wasn’t my Further information about the video card can be found here or in our comparison of mobile video cards. Not until steady load the fan starts to run quicker, still the notebook’s noise is rather decent with a maximum of The notebook was equipped with a 80 GB hard disk with xell by Fujitsu.

The Bluetooth management software is simple but gets the job done. Spcs them there is a fingerprint reader.