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Below are some common fault codes for Mitsubishi Ecodan and Daikin Altherma air to water heat pumps. If you need help interpreting the error code or fixing.

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The current selected field setting code is indicated ; bwith the set value displayed to the right – a. Malfunction Decision Conditions When normal transmission is not conducted for certain duration.

Carry out field setting, if necessary Wait until initialization period is over up to 12 min. NO Connect the high pressure sensor and turn on again. The 3-way valve will switch back to original position, then space heating will start again.

Working on the equipment with wet hands can cause an electrical shock. YES After turning on again, “L9” blinks again.

Push the ba button again to leave this mode. The refrigerant gas itself is harmless, but it can generate toxic gases when it contacts flames, such as fan and other heaters, stoves and ranges. Check contactors and relays by use of an ohmmeter.

During the storage operation, the coce does not take care off the room temperature. YES Connect the connector. NO After connecting, turn the power off and then back on again.

If a domestic hot water tank is installed, the disinfection function is enabled by default. Detail description on next page. Setback function is an automatic daily scheduled function.

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No simultaneous operation is possible, except when using multiple set point control. Check the body position by checking the groove location of the white sleeve the groove location indicates the closed part of the body. Malfunction of Transmission Outdoor Unit YES Repair the broken wires, and then restart operation.

Daikin Altherma HT Service manual |

The system does not operate. I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. Does a malfunction occur even after 12 minutes elapses from the time when electricity is introduced to indoor and outdoor unit? Instantaneous overcurrent also causes activation.

La rgulation lectronique daikin a,therma ehsxh. In this way, with a lower domestic hot water tank temperature setting the comfort level can be kept the same but with a lower energy consumption.

Blinks Can also be set during operation described above. Supposed Cause Blowout of fuse s Cutout of breaker s Countermeasure Turn Off the ddfaut supply and then replace the fuse s.

Rise in high pressure Local pressure rise Faulty daikij pressure control [In heating] If the indoor unit electronic expansion valve excessively throttled: Changes made to a field setting are only stored when the pr button is pressed.

I appreciate you penning this article and also defautt rest of the website is really daukin. Does the malfunction code “L” recur when the unit starts operation? Troubleshooting by Indication on the Remote Controller 3. Reference Operating pressure of high pressure switch Operating pressure: Com lancez recherche pour avoir les bonnes rsultats relatifs avec des details introuvables ailleurs. All buttons and functions are operable. For RA air conditioners, perform pipe flaring with a pipe extension margin of 1.


Mitsubishi Ecodan & Daikin Altherma Fault Codes / Error Codes

However transient conditions with higher power consumption are possible. Troubleshooting Caution Be sure to turn off power switch before connect or disconnect connector, or parts damage may be occurred. Since this refrigerant is a mixed refrigerant, adding it in gas form may cause the refrigerant composition to change, preventing normal operation.

V Higher voltage than actual is displayed when the inverter output voltage is checked by tester. If the system cannot be evacuated to — Symptom-based Troubleshooting 1 Symptom The system does not start operation at all. If fin temperature is too high, the compressor will slow down capacity shortage. The domestic water will be heated till maximum reheat temperature setting [b].

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