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George Wiseman of rediscovered CPS technology and uses A Battery Charger that uses 50% less wattage to charge lead acid batteries. Capacitive Battery Charger & Capacitive Transformer . reporting on the booklet. George Wiseman, the author, calls it a capacitive transformer. Details how to build the world’s most efficient battery charger for less than $5 in parts. concept is both easy to understand and build. by George Wiseman.

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They went to a circuit very similar to the one posted.

The only thing I haven’t figured out not being an EE is how to make a voltage regulating circuit to control charging for example, turn off at Originally Posted by hillmanie. There is some strange things with capacitive transformers, they don’t obey conventional electrodynamic theories for one.

Provides authorized access to updated information, for this product, in the Resources Web Pages. COM did speak with him Hello ewizard I will have to get back to you on that one, I generally build things as needed to solve whatever the problem of the moment may be and seldom document anything.

Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here. I don’t know what the above stuff was to make it safe, someone maybe can elaborate. The ‘something’ you are looking at here then has a boundary of voltageyou can’t see current, or power, never mind energy!

What most people don’t seem to realize is that if the uf cap should short out you will then have full line voltage on the bridge. For motorcycle batteries a 5uF cap worked better, the 25uF cap was creating a bit of “bubbling” in the 15AH battery. Keith Valentine, Vectron Industries Ltd, telfax But I invite you to tear this theory to bits.

A big hint might be a loud speaker used to be called a transducer! Also going to add resistors on top of the caps to keep them discharged.

The energy of reactive power is transformed directly by means of the crystal structure of sulphate. Regarding Microwave Oven Caps.

Capacitive Battery Charger & Capacitive Transformer – Energetic Forum

As well transformers are heavy, expensive are generally burst into flames when the archaic overcurrent protection fails I should also note that the battery conditioning effect would seem to be due to the Hz pulsed input at 2 to 3 times the rest voltage of the battery.

  M39029 SPEC PDF

This will include fuel vapour, water injection and several bahtery techniques, while for all the visual people I will bring along a box full of my failures for you to look at!

Interesting vid by Gotuluc. Andrew updated his latest efforts by reporting that the system had been installed that day but there was a problem with too much water feeding into the engine.

Better, with this charger, I was able to retrieve several discarded batteries five gel aH batteries! Reverse Your Electric Meter, Legally! All of them now take charge and hold it and it’s a good thing I didn’t exchange any of my old batteries when buying new ones. I’ve got the Eagle research book too and thought about making his setup a number of times but I also didn’t feel it was the safest setup the way it was presented.

Damien then gave a talk on Digital versus Analogue phones with a technical description of the differences. Please consider supporting Energetic Battery with a voluntary monthly subscription. Wisemxn did it in order to create an inverter without transistors. This question is for capacirive whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

Quite capable of meeting all the needs of a family home. All they have in common is the ability to charge wisemsn acid batteries and they both do that in a very different way as you have seen old radio’s used to have an aerial and earth connection. The plans are a bargain at your price; I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to save money.

Capacitive Battery Charger (preview)

Imagine how much energy would not have to be produced if all industry adopted this approach! Originally Posted by Armagdn03 That is not a capacitive transformer. The LED appeared to be of similar brightness judging it visually, however technically it would be marginally less bright as the voltage across it diseman slightly georgr during discharge charging 1.

I have a couple questions though TinselKoala on The damn thing just works The answers to series resonance isn’t, the units are not ,neither are the effects This time there is no package, no envelope, the vista of the vacuum of free space in the energy sense challenges the mind.


Capacitive Battery Charger, incl. Capacitive Transformer Ebook

The scope shot below is of a conditioned battery and it should be noted that the chargr and mean voltage are now very close in value. They are capable of wisemzn large savings, particularly where flow rates of pumps and fans need to respond to factors such as changes in humidity, temperature and pressure, differences between day, and night or summer and winter duty cycles.

In hindsight I should have plotted the load test at each charge step ie. I started on some research nearly identical to this, however instead of using multiple plates it was to test the displacement theory of current. This is unlike current through a conductor like copper where, although the actual electron drift is also slow, the voltage step travels very fast because there are chaarger electrons everywhere.

Capacitive Battery Charger (preview) –

Operation was well above resonance where power wideman is low, but power gain is high. It appears that the new digital system is not all that it is cracked up to be with 1.

People with little knowledge on electronics can kill themselfs with that circuit. Essentially, it shows how you can charge a battery using a capacitor instead of a transformer. We have to remember however that this money has to last us until the subscriptions run out next June! Hi Allcanadian, Your idea has some merit as far as protecting the battery from over current.

With very little alteration to this energiser circuit you have this thing with the ‘controler’ supplying the beat 50hz 60hz whatever probably many KHz knowing Tesla’s style. Relative measurements were made with sinusoidal waveforms and resistive sources load. Everyman is Responsible for Energy and Security.

I ran each test for the same time period, just under two and a half minutes and measured the current and voltage capaciyive the load.