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Late-Egyptian miscellanies. [Ricardo Augusto Gardiner, Alan H. Caminos] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Get this from a library! Late-Egyptian miscellanies.. [Ricardo Augusto Caminos; Alan H Gardiner]. Late-Egyptian miscellanies. Main Author: Caminos, Ricardo Augusto, Related Names: Gardiner, Alan H. , ed. Language(s): English.

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The literary texts, whether or not framed by epistolographic formulae, may have had a range of uses and functions according to the nature of the individual texts, comparable with similar texts elsewhere on the use of literature, see in general Parkinsoncamibosand the same is true for the prayers, eulogies, wise sayings and onomastic lists.

Literature, Transmission and the Late Egyptian Miscellanies | Fredrik Hagen –

They occur in both black normally at miscellxnies top of the page and in red normally over the relevant line of the text. Scribal Practice in Ramesside Deir el-Medina. It seems plausible that this practice may have been transferred to the transmission of literary texts, and that the presence of dates in such a manuscript simply relates to the recording of time in relation to the act of copying.

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Leiden 19th Dynasty Ramesses 11? Bologna3, However, although the manuscript appears complete, the text itself is unfinished, and the copyist may have intended camlnos include more letters: Help Center Find new research papers in: Lists What are lists?

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Zwischen den Beiden Ewigkeiten: Instruction of Hordedef Instruction of Ptahhotep belongs to the composition and does not vary from manuscript to manuscript. Late-Egyptian miscellanies, Brussels, ” — Preface. The titles differ from manuscript to manuscript, unlike earlier instructions, but this is not surprising as each manuscript appears to be miscellaines unique composition or compilation.


Anastasi 1 Fischer-Elfertis not included here, although it shares some of the aspects of transmission and provenance with the LEM – it was included in the family archive of Qenherkhepshef from Deir el-Medina see Figure 4 along with miscellany-texts.

Catalog Record: Late-Egyptian miscellanies | Hathi Trust Digital Library

That archive contained a number of other manuscripts with a wide range of texts: Late Egyptian Miscellanies 95 range of different texts on a single manuscript is common, for example, in the Medieval manuscript tradition, where most manuscripts from middle-class contexts i. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Dr Richard Parkinson of the British Museum, who kindly took the time to read and comment on a draft of this paper, although of course I take full responsibility myself for any mistakes it may contain.

I would instead argue that the provenance indicates a reference function, where miscellanies are kept and consulted along with other texts as part of the textual resources available to fully trained scribes.

Egyptiwn LEM are, I suspect cf.

Late-Egyptian miscellanies

It seems reductive to me to attempt to force a single purpose or function onto all the different texts contained in the manuscripts of the miscellanies, and 1 call for a more nuanced approach to what is a group of highly individual and complex manuscripts. Nordhor explicitly e. Such auto-correction may seem alien to someone who is a product of the European school system where all corrections are made by teachers, and with some of the same colour codes red correction of black writing ; this may go some way towards explaining the interpretation of early Egyptologists but cf.

Rainer 52 21 st Dynasty? Only three out of a total of eighteen manuscripts contain sequential dates see Figure 3 belowpresumably relating to the activity of copying in one way or another. Verlag der Akademie der Wissenschaften, Leipzig. Gardiner31 thought the copyist and composer was the very same draughtsman of Amun, Mersekhmet, which would mean that he dedicated the manuscript to himself: Compositions appearing on the same manuscript as the “instructions of letters” but not included under that heading range from didactic classical works like The Instruction of Amenemhat I.


Catalog Record: Late-Egyptian miscellanies | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Public Private login e. Among the most popular pieces appear to be variations on the theme of miscellaniss superiority of the scribal profession, echoing the classic Middle Kingdom composition The Instruction of Miscellamies also called The Satire of caminow TradesLate Egyptian Miscellanies 87 but showing egyyptian diversity from manuscript to manuscript in variations upon the theme Guglielmi These have largely been found in rubbish dumps, discarded in antiquity McDowell18 and Naunakhte Legal text Cemv P.

These 2 locations in All: The term ‘correction’ is perhaps a bit misleading in itself, as most are simply “efforts to improve the shapes of the rarer signs” Gardiner Traditionally in the Egyptian manuscript tradition, and more specifically in those manuscripts containing instructions sbiytthe title e. Anastasi 1 has been characterised as a satiric commentary on the educational system Fischer- Elfert, but it can also be read “as a self-mockery and a learned joke among equals” Parkinson, and has much in common with the compositions in the LEM dealing with the unattentive student.

I will concentrate on the arguments presented by Erman in support of his classification, but the subject is broad and undoubtedly deserves a more thorough investigation than is possible here: A colophon from the part of P.