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Effect of graded doses of Caesalpinia bonducella seed extract on ovary and uterus in albino rats. Article (PDF Available) in Journal of basic and. Objective: The study is aimed to evaluate anti-inflammatory activity of Caesalpinia bonducella Fleming (Caesalpiniaceae) flower extract (CBFE) and to study its. Fitoterapia. Dec;77() Epub Jul 6. Antidiabetic activity of Caesalpinia bonducella seed extracts in rats. Kannur DM(1), Hukkeri VI, Akki KS.

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Antidiabetic activity of Caesalpinia bonducella seed extracts in rats.

Inflammation is a complex process, very often associated with pain. The metabolism of tyrosine- O -phosphate in Drosophila.

An adaptation of the standard photofluorometric analysis to the estimation of thiamine in plants. Along with flavonoids and terpinoids, other phytochemical principles such as tannins may also contribute to the anti-inflammatory effect of CBFE. Table 4 shows the ulcerogenic score of CBFE for acute as well as chronic administration.

Current researchers primarily focused on plants, since they can be sourced easily and selection is mostly based on their ethno-medicinal claims Chaudhari et al.

The metatarsus was relatively less dense.

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Conflicts of Interest There are no conflicts of interest. Tables for convenient calculation of median effective dose LD50 or ED50 and instructions in their use. A review on anti-inflammatory activity of monoterpenes. Membrane stabilization method revealed significant membrane stabilizing activity of aqueous extract of C. The chloroform extract exhibited 11 major compounds like octane, hexanal, 2-heptenal z – hexanoic acid, 2-decenal, caesalpiinia – 2,4-decadienal, caeslapinia, E, E – benzene, 1-pentylheptyl – 3,7,11,tetramethylhexadecenol, n-hexadecanoic acid and 9,octadecadienoic acid z,z Fig.


Adjuvant-induced Arthritis In this experiment, young female rats weighing 90— g were selected and divided into six animals each. Nutritional value of C. Leukocyte protease plays an important role in the development of tissue damage during inflammatory reactions and significant level of protection is provided by protease inhibitors Sakat et al.

Although the extract is comparable to that of reference drugs, the side effects observed with standard drugs like ulcerogenicity was not present with CBFE treatment. R f values of the spots were recorded.

This justifies and provides scientific evidences for its usage in folk-lore claims on the medicinal use of C. Amla, Ashwagandha and Shatavari formulations as herbal medicines and nutraceuticals. Absence of endogeneous interleukin enhances the evolution of murine type-II collagen-induced arthritis.

Guilandina bonduc – Wikipedia

In addition to ROS, hydrogen peroxide can also easily cross the cell membrane by convert into caesaloinia and attack different sites Chen et al. Similarly, antioxidant activity was determined using DPPH free radical scavenging assay Alhakmani et al. Hence, this study was carried out to investigate anti-inflammatory activity of CBFE and to study its effect on radiographic outcome in adjuvant induced arthritis and its authentication by HPTLC chemical finger printing.

The study is aimed to evaluate anti-inflammatory activity of Caesalpinia bonducella Fleming Caesalpiniaceae flower extract CBFE and to study its effect on radiographic outcome in adjuvant induced arthritis and authentication by high performance thin layer chromatography HPTLC chemical fingerprinting.


Ulcerogenic score following a 5 point scale was employed. As phenol antioxidants are suggested to act as inhibitors of lipid peroxidation by means of free radical scavenging, it is expected that the presence of phenolic compounds in the aqueous extract of Caaesalpinia. The mechanism of inflammation is attributed to the release of Reactive Oxygen Species ROS from activated neutrophils and macrophages.

bonudcella In the present study, attempts were made to assess the physicochemical, phytochemical, nutritional and pharmacological properties of C. In negative arthritic animals, the mediolateral radiograph of pelvic limb taken before induction of arthritis showed long bones having normal radiographic density and appearance, sharp articular surfaces and well defined joint space.

Effect of alterations in side chain upon anti-inflammatory and liver glycogen activities of hydrocortisone esters. Free fatty acid content is present as little as 0. The edema volume ml was calculated bondicella subtracting the 0 h reading from 3 to 5 h reading.

Spectrophotometric determination of lipase activity in the presence of increased triolein concentration. The articular surfaces of long bones particularly those forming stifle joint appeared fluffy. The tarsal joints were well formed with normal tarsus.

Proximate and nutrient investigations of selected medicinal plants species of Pakistan. Colorimetric determination of amylase.