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Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir [Paul Monette] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This tender and lyrical memoir (New York Times Book. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. “Wrenching in its detail, this account of the author’s Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir by [Monette, Paul]. ( National Book Award for Nonfiction); Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir ( ). Paul Landry Monette (October 16, – February 10, ) was an American author, poet.

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Return to Book Page. A part of my life which is very painful for all kinds of reasons and yet also a part of my life in which there is hope. He writes so beautifully and tells such a heartbreaking story — you will weep at both the beauty of his words and the loss of his friend and love. And Paul can’t help himself.

One of the things that challenges me about this story is the way in which it has become in part my story, my life. I’m curious now to read his memoir, Becoming a Man: What was also so beautiful was that this was as much a story about the incredible love between Paul and Roger By far, the most memorable memoir that I’ve read this year, I am grateful that I had a chance to put my own shoulder to the wheel and join the millions of people who are pushing against the injustice that lies at the heart of the HIV and Aids pandemic but there is a big part of me that regrets not being there at the beginning.


It wasn’t until the mid-nineties that HIV and Aids began to hit my radar and even then it was something distant, something tim I didn’t understand. Love and rage, Monette’s got it down.

It’s a bit much for me but the writing was so obviously good. I’m grateful I survived the Plague Years, and that I’m mature and centered enough now to truly appreciate the heartbreaking beauty of this book.

Monette’s harrowing collection of deeply personal poems, Love Alone: Monette’s finest novel, Afterlife, combines the elements of traditional comedy and the resistance novel; it is the first gay novel written about AIDS that fuses personal love interests moonette political activism.

Now we would learn to borrow time in earnest, day by day, making what brief stays we could against the downward spiral from which all our Even though I know now that the drug had turned on Roger, I still can’t understand how we could have had no warning.

Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir

I’m not proud of that fact, but we all have our ways of coping with acute danger and fear. Now years later responding to HIV and Aids is a major moette of my life. Several times I had to set the book down because I was no longer able to read through great, racking sobs and eyes nearly swollen shut.

The author is now himself passed in it is amazing to have this account of one couple’s fight at a time when social services were non-existant and the stigma about HIV was perhaps at it’s height. fime

Paul Monette

Monette’s partner and best friend, Roger Horwitz, had to suffer a most undignified end, but in this superbly crafted, loving eulogy, his memory is exalted and imbued with utmost dignity.


I think people should read this book.

It is a privilege to read his words. His memoir, Becoming a Man: Please combine these books 5 12 Nov 09, Great events from history: To love is to stand a chance of losing. Monette’s most acclaimed book, Borrowed Time: I was in college during those years and being a medical technology student, we had to make By far, the most memorable memoir that I’ve read this year, This book is hopeful, delicate, human.

Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir – Paul Monette – Google Books

Paul Landry Monette October 16, — February 10, was an American author, poet, and activist best known for his essays about gay relationships. I admire Monette’s ability to comb it all together so beautifully. Paul Monette, author of the the award winning memoir “Becoming a Man: And this was true in some cases, but most people survived multiple rounds of infection. What I like most is all that this book has stirred up in me. It is the most signifiant book I have ever read. Gonna let it all sink in!

This meant the story and progression of AIDS rarely made it out, even among friends of the afflicted. The writing in Borrowed Time is spectacularly gorgeous. I never knew until I read this. But of course, the antivirals were slow to develop, so this was seen an unneccessary step.