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Beneath the Underdog [Charles Mingus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mingus by Mingus. From the shabby roadhouses to fabulous. Bass player extraordinaire Charles Mingus, who died in , is one of the essential composers in the history of jazz, and Beneath the. Beneath the Underdog Charles Mingus This book has been called both a Beat novel and a testament of the Civil Rights struggle. What I’ve.

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My charlss, I learned that from none other than Charles Mingus. Beneath the Underdog by Charles Mingus. People have strong opinions about this book. It’s not a memoir. Where it breaks down is his life as a pimp and his joy in turning rich white women in to prostitutes. Find more Proms on TV.

Beneath the Underdog

Shares fond memories and interesting anecdotes about his fellow musicians, heaps scorn on his detractors, and presents us with a world so particular and individualistic, it’s almost cosmologically Mingusian. With Mingus, like Kerouac, his treatment and depiction of women is horrible.

And, before you say that I just don’t get it, I will say that this is all done in such a way that it just seems unconscious and haphazard rather than provocative, experimental, intentional, and purposeful. He was obviously a tortured man with mental health issues and an explosive, violent temper, counter balanced by a gentle, loving side.

So try reading it again! Unfortunately, the wh I enjoy a good fictionalized autobiography as much as the next guy, and I think it is entirely appropriate for someone to embellish here and there to get a good story. See all 52 reviews.

Beneath the Underdog by Charles Mingus

If you have a taste for hard, fast, clean writing and a view of a life most of us will never see, this book is Recommended. Charles Mingus is one of the great jazz legends I have ever heard.


And, Mingus was a large man, with larger passions, uhderdog an ego even larger still, so a certain thd of bravado and bragging is to be expected. Told in the third person, Mingus talks to his therapist about his life up from his crazy family and upbringing in California to his meteoric rise in the jazz world.

Yet the strangest and most disappointing part of Beneath the Underdog is its refusal to discuss Mingus’ music. Nov 22, Dane Wozniak rated it liked it Shelves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Beneath the Underdog – Wikipedia

Certainly, there is something transgressive in an African American jazz musician not only having relationships with unverdog women—this was still the era of miscegenation laws—but becoming their pimp, turning the racial-sexual politics on its head. Maybe it’s Schroedinger’s Cat.

About Charles Mingus At once an essential composer in the history of jazz and a bass player extraordinaire, Charles Mingus was born on April 22, in Nogales, Arizona, and grew up in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts.

What rare and priceless instruments do the stars of the Proms play? He writes of his struggle, growing up poor in Watts and trying to succeed as a musician in a racist society.

Nevertheless, if you’re not fascinated by this book, I would submit that your interest in jazz and all that concerns minguw – which is quite a lot of things in this world that are very, very important and sadly under appreciated – is tragically limited. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

It is the mind of Mingus. Much of it is pithy indeed, bouts of wisdom and foolishness that are at turns equally impressive. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Autobiographies are seldom a list of facts, and given the underddog of the book, it is even harder to take this as, at best, an impressionistic account of his past the veracity of the book underdlg been called into question in many places.


Proms Prom Every so often in a lull between orgies, a character mentions something to Mingus that lets us know how his career is progressing “I heard that album you mingue with Duke and Max Roach! Music – instead of staining himself with this revolting mixture of obscenity and infantile romanticism.

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The stories behind some of the world’s most remarkable orchestral instruments, most of which are worth an absolute fortune East Dane Designer Men’s Charlees. He takes the reader through his childhood in Watts, his musical education by the likes of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Charlie Parker, and his prodigious appetites–intellectual, culinary, and sexual.

Wonderful story, Thought I ‘d read another like it. Besides having to scrape for cash almost always. Sometimes it doesn’t have either particularly when it comes to the sexually explicit passages that often come off as juvenile though, one could argue that these passages are often spoken through the characters, but still He goes crazy a bit, raps on race here and there, gives advice on training whores and any number of other aspects of the underside of society.

Here is Mingus in his own words, from shabby roadhouses to fabulous estates, from the psychiatric wards of Bellevue to worlds of mysticism and solitude, but for all his travels never straying too underdof, always returning to music.