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Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. When life seemed pointless to Norton, he accepted the Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Bearing an Hourglass (Incarnations of Immortality Book 2) by [Anthony, Piers]. Like On a Pale Horse, this second, complete-in-itself novel of the Incarnations of Immortality is a richly imagined and always fascinating story. And again. Bearing an Hourglass. Front Cover. Piers Anthony. Severn House, Piers Anthony is such a misogynist prick, but he sometimes wrote fun stories. I’d never .

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Jan 03, Chak rated it liked it Recommends it for: Anthony had a LOT of fun writing this book, playing around with the ideas of paradox, time travel, alternate realities, terrene and contraterrene worlds, space travel, and Out of all the Incarnations, the office of Time seems to be the most baffling one, since Chronos has to live backwards in time. Anthony put one at the back of all of his books, after a certain point, as a way of cutting down on the time spent answering fan mail.

Jul 30, Diana rated it liked hourg,ass Shelves: He would talk about his personal life, his career, his writing process, whatever came to mind. Standard ‘Happy Ending’ is Clothos “ravishing. He was a well-developed protagonist who was easy to root for, and antony idea of Time living his life backward was a good one in fact, it was this idea that got me to pick up the first three books of this se Bearing an Hourglass was a disappointment.

Well here’s I book I read around thirty years ago and, upon joining Goodreads some years back, awarded in retrospect a five star rating. Many parts of the book are contradictory, oiers. Just before getting home, he consigns a small baby orphan with “cute little tentacles and prettily shining eye facets” p to the care of Bat – “Baby Bem” p Where the first one was set in a mostly modern s world, but enhanced with Magic, this one takes place in a science fiction 21st Century with interplanetary travel, virtual reality, and matter transmission, enhanced by Magic.

Sing the Four Quarters.

Therefore makes no sense he raves “never want any woman but her” p When life seems pointless to Norton, he accepts the position of Incarnation of Time. To give you an idea of what I mean, a moment in the book might go something like this: At this, Anthony is a master.


In addition, Time’s hourglass is also his method of travel. Throughout the Incarnations of Immortality series, Anthony has sounded more and more like the characters that star in the books; in Upon a Pale Horse he sounded depressed and pensive to match the Incarnation in that book Death.

It can, however, be folded up for easy storage, and it still functions just as well. The Better Part of Valor. Feb 13, Sarah Jane Wood rated it did not like it Shelves: This was all I could stand.

The tale is a complex one, as one would expect any story about time to be, but the author makes it unnecessarily complicated and is then forced into a pidrs for over explanation, pushing the style towards much telling rather than showing. The general basis of the series, as near as I can tell, is Satan hourglaes to gain power and the other earthly incarnations meaning those other than God attempting to prevent Satan’s rise to power.

Bearing an Hourglass – Wikipedia

Time is a complicated concept. Its about a wanderer called Norton who takes the role as the incarnation of Time, known as Chronos.

Anthony lets you into his entire world – the personal world of his family, his life, his writing process, the publishing business, pretty much everything that went on in his world while he was writing the book. The 2nd book in the Incarnations series, while I love books that deal with Time, this isn’t as good as the Death book, but I still love it. Sometimes the character’s interactions with others are hard to follow, but it is an enjoyable book.

Bearing an Hourglass

Nearing he were truly in love with the woman who was all three aspects, shouldn’t he be equally as pleased with Lachysis? I won’t rant at length about this one, but suffice it to say that I’m equally unimpressed. So, with visions of a splintered wardrobe, tumbled books, dog eared pages to unbend and an angry landlord with a scary mother, I’m moving all my books onto the floor.

I might try the next book in the series but I am genuinely surprised that I remembered this series with any fondness at all, and mortified that I ordered 5 of the books only had 2 of my own to complete the set, with a view to recommending them to the Bigster. piets

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For example, characters tend to say exactly what they’re going to do and what they think. The character was a wanderer, magician, physicist, ladies man, dragon slayer, ghost whisperer, spaceman and Incarnation of Time – and experienced this all without reaching hourglasss discernible plot.

They’re just not that great.

It’s not even a good “Teenage Boy Book”. Much like the other Incarnations, Anhtony Robe bdaring him from any kind of physical harm. There are also several chunks of chapter-long text that I had to skip, because as a more informed reader, I just found them to be unnecessary, laboured, and boring. Giant “disembodied” boots “booted him” p in the backside and gloves punch.

On the Oceans of Eternity. But, for same reason, universes cannot split into parallel alternates, number of small decisions in chain is uncountable. It’s just not even good. You submitted the following rating and review.

Bearing An Hourglass by Piers Anthony | Scholastic

Hourglass was off to a quick and compelling start, but once Norton became so downtrodden that he was easy to manipulate into accepting the Office of The Incarnation of TIme, the book started to unravel for me. This is merely one of a number of mind-bending ideas set forth in this story. This is the one I dislike the most in this otherwise wonderful series.

Nov 26, Scycer rated it it was amazing. Wielding a Red Sword. I would have to say the book isnt great on its own, but I’ve been missing the bigger picture – this is a second book of an 8 book series. Sections are standalone short stories with the main character, but unrelated to overall plot in every but the vaguest sense. I own maybe 4 books in this series and have owned them for about ten years.

This series allows him much more room for social and moral commentary while still being fun and escapist reading.