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Royal Decree 3,/ Ministerio de Economía. Real Decreto 3,/ de 11 de noviembre por el que se crea el Fondo de Garantía de Depósitos . Decree 3,/, which regulates social welfare in Brazil, defines that the main attributions of Vocational Rehabilitation are (Brasil, BRASIL. Decreto nº. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . DECRETO DE 28 Aug Por medio del cual se modifica el Decreto de.

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The analysis of the data obtained with the application of the questionnaire and with the contents of the interviews, in the light of the theoretical references that guided this research, allowed for the identification of opinions, perspectives, expectations and beliefs about the themes of the research.

Como elaborar projetos de pesquisa.

Decreto 99 PDF download

However, although the process of returning to work is often interpreted based on its inherent complexity, with at least a partial understanding of its many factors, the therapists see that the only possibility is a job appropriate for the individual, depending on how they are able or capable to adapt to a new work situation in the company with which they have an employment relationship. Some of the interviewees were satisfied with this possibility, others were not completely accepting of such a law, for companies should be socially responsible for the lower work capacity of their employees, which is mostly due to the work activities they performed.

Based on these reflections and on the work of Vocational Rehabilitation, we aimed at understanding how occupational therapy contributes to the return of individuals to work, within the Program of Vocational Rehabilitation of the INSS. This is an exploratory research, since studies and publications on the topic are lacking, and it had the purpose of getting closer to the studied reality to explain it, leading to reflections about it.

As a result, it is difficult to harmonize the belief in occupational therapy with the daily tasks of the work and the impotence experienced through them. Studies on vocational rehabilitation, occupational therapy and work, and occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation were also part of these references.

We provided treatment at the Vocational Rehabilitation, working with joint mobility, muscular strength, coordination, training ADLs [Activities of Daily Living] and IADLs [Instrumental Activities of Daily Living], in addition to assessing their return to work, which was the last thing we did, obviously. The informal labor market increased, violating labor law and causing many employees to stop earning wages and start working without any employment registration.

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Ciudadela 2015 1 Ley 1314 de 2009 Decreto 3048 de 2011 Grupo 2

Thus, in a total of civil servants were admitted to work as Social Security Analysts with a degree in Occupational Secreto, starting the process of recreating these staffs 19 19 See: Inbiaxar literature review carried out by the two main Brazilian journals in the area – Cadernos de Terapia Ocupacional from UFSCar and the Revista de Terapia Ocupacional from USP – showed that only two publications mentioned the theme, with just one of them discussing the contributions of occupational therapy for the field.

In a certain measure, they have been able to insert other elements in the combined evaluations and decisions regarding the projects elaborated together with the insureds, but most of the times this work is limited and biaxar out by struggling with the required procedures.

With their answers to the questionnaire, occupational therapists mentioned that the following aspects of the insureds compromise the process or make it harder: ReadCube Visualizar o texto.

Automation, robotics and microelectronics were developed during a recession period and caused many workers to leave the workforce, and the proposals of more flexibility, deregulation, and privatization gained strength with the federal neoliberalism of the late s and early s Antunes, ANTUNES, R.

We believe a combined dcereto is required to help workers go through a path that leads to a new professional activity, based on their vocational abilities and beliefs regarding work, considering the complexity inherent to the process.

During the interviews, work was mentioned as a central element in the chain of signified and signifiers of human making, which is in accordance with the centrality of work mentioned by Castel, CASTEL, R. When discussing the lacking structure of work on a global scale, the author affirms that the Brazilian circumstances are dire, and that during the s the industrial and service sectors went through a significant productive restructuring owing to the new international work division, which required changes in production organization and in its processes of territorial redistribution.

These aspects stimulate bakxar feed this belief, and at the same time it makes the therapists more critical of the limits inherent to the contradictions of the field, which requires them to reconstruct themselves professionally, to reinvent themselves as workers owing to a new demand and a new practice, recognizing their own identity in the process. Regarding the future of the program, After these answers were tabulated, we conducted in-depth interviews with six of these therapists to enhance the reflections on the themes of the questionnaire.


Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social. Revista Uniandrade, Curitiba, v. The health sector was then expanded to include vocational rehabilitation measures, with the purpose of developing interventions that did not consider workers as their only object and that took into account, as stated by Lacaz, LACAZ, F.

The construction of a public policy of vocational rehabilitation requires: Other measures are required to guarantee better conditions for workers in their return to work and stay at work, not only for rehabilitated individuals, but for the entire Brazilian working class.

The last two questions were open-ended and allowed participants to discuss more freely the Vocational Rehabilitation of the INSS and occupational therapy in the area. This approach was the last one, more directly related to the Workshop. Vocational rehabilitation aspires to provide means for workers to reenter the job market, being associated with health, education, and labor and employment. We discussed themes that were categorized to analyze their practices and concepts and highlighted topics that allowed us to reflect on the limits, possibilities and challenges faced by these workers, examining the structure of the program as well.

None of them classified decrreto as decrreto. Moreover, they should know the labor market so that they become derceto capable to meet the existing demands. In Brazil, the vocational rehabilitation of individuals incapacitated for work was one of the main reasons for the formation of occupation therapists, together with practices at homes aimed at institutionalized people, either with mental disorders or disabled.

Their coordination is necessary to prepare the insured for their return to the labor market, which usually involves following their condition through the health 308, investing in improving or restructuring baixad education and their preparation in institutions of vocational education.

At the end of the answers to the questionnaire, the participants had the possibility to express their opinion regarding their belief or lack thereof in the Vocational Rehabilitation Program.