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Ayya Khema addresses metta and love. On the spiritual path, there’s nothing to get, and everything to get rid of. The first thing to let go of is trying to “get” love. Ayya Khema’s Dharma Talks. Ayya Khema. — Select from Ayya Khema’s talks –, VIEW ALL ยท (Incomplete Tape) Moral Conduct (Bad Quality). Ayya Khema was born in Berlin in of Jewish parents. In she escaped from Germany with a transport of two hundred other children and was taken to.

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Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. If we don’t do it, nobody else will. Just for one single day, we can write down all our xyya on the credit or debit side, whether happiness-producing or not. If we can check them out in writing or see them clearly in our minds, we will surely try to change.

This electronic edition was originally transcribed from the print edition in by Mark Blackstad under the auspices of the DharmaNet Dharma Book Transcription Project, with the kind permission of the author.

Not in the sky, nor in mid-ocean, nor in a mountain cave, is found that place on earth, where one will not be overcome by death. When getting up in the morning, the first thing would be a determination to be mindful.

They felt that others too could benefit from them and ayyaa and encouraged this project so that it has now come to fruit.

Ayya Khema: Making the Most of Each Day

May you enjoy the following pages and find something useful in them. But instead he taught that the only emotions which are worthwhile are the four supreme emotions brahma viharas and that everything else needs to be noticed and allowed to subside again.


Low to High Price: If we’ve had a day of arguments, dislikes, worries, fears kbema anxiety, the next day will be similar. When you open this book, dear reader, may be you could imagine being in a meditation retreat, where nothing else matters except the clarity and wholesomeness of your own mind.

Sister Sangamitta from Switzerland now practising in Thailand Ven. Sister Uttpalvanna of Galle and her pupils in Sri Lanka. Losing one’s life energy is actually a very pleasant state, because there’s less self-assertion, I mean you haven’t got the energy to assert yourself. Ayya Khema was the first Western woman to become a Theravadin Buddhist nun.

We need to give it the possibility to relax, to stop thinking for a little while, to have khena moment of peace and quiet, so that it can renew itself.

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Are you an author? That seemed to be less and less life energy within the body, and I just was relaxing into that. The Buddha did not teach expression or suppression. If we practice every day in this way, we will find relief and release from our cares and worries because these are always connected with the world.

A very fleeting moment indeed, namely this one. The better the meditation becomes, the easier it will be, because the mind needs muscle power to do this. Four years after the American liberation of the camp, Ayya Khema was able to emigrate to the United States. Otherwise, all rights reserved. Our last thought at night will become the first one in the morning. First comes mindfulness, bare attention to the prevailing mode of being. We cannot expect perfect results overnight, but we can keep practicing.


If we look back after only one or two days, we may not find anything new within. Soon, Khema began feeling incomplete and this led to investigating various spiritual paths, [10] an interest her husband didn’t share. But if we have had a day of loving-kindness, helpfulness and concern for others, we’ll wake up with those same modes of being.

If we start each day with these considerations and contemplations, we will tend towards not being overly concerned with ourselves, but trying to think of others.

In she co-ordinated the first international conference of Buddhist nuns in the history of Buddhism, which resulted in the setting-up of Sakyadhita, a world-wide Buddhist women’s organisation. Sister Ayya Khema Main Organisation: However this is difficult for most people; anger doesn’t subside fast enough. In other projects Wikimedia Khems.

Ayya Khema

Words are concepts, only the meaning counts; the impermanence of our bodies, of what we think we own, such as ayha and belongings, and being responsible for our own kamma.

We do not re-order the latter for the next day, but just let them perish on the shelf.

Ayya Khema as my Teacher. When the Iron Eagle Flies.

Buddhist Masters and Their Organisations: Ayya Khema

Learn more at Author Central. You may print copies of this work for your personal use. Khema’s desire to become a Buddhist nun led her to Thailand where she studied with Tan Ajahn Singtong for three months. Come and See for Yourself: