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Am Kupfergraben 10, Germany, Gallery – design by David Chipperfield Architects – Museum Island, photos, German project, Berlin building, Am Kupfergraben The four-storey gallery building is located on the Kupfergraben canal, a remarkable site overlooking the Lustgarten and Berlin’s Museum Island. The Am Kupfergraben 10 gallery overlooks the Museum Island in Berlin. The city’s typical block opens up into a white cube filled with art.

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How to get there? I have pictures of The Hepworth Wakefield on my blog, kupfergrsben new major art gallery and museum due to open in September To be blunt, Chipperfield is a pretentious pasticheur of infinitely superior predecessors, particularly Louis Kahn. I’m studying this building for a part of my university course.

The rooms are side-lit from different directions and daylight is controlled by adjustable panels, while artificial lights run unnoticed on the ceiling. Something you notice striaght away when you go in. Chipperfield has an office here in Berlin, by the way.

Inspirations | Global Inspiration: Am Kupfergraben 10, Berlin

Wonder what you will all make of what Chipperfield has designed for us in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is a contemporary building that reacts to its immediate historic context, referencing the past without replicating it. The gallery spaces are lit from the side, and interior folding shutters make it possible to reduce the amount of daylight.


The interior is defined by daylight and proportion, while solid materials characterise the exterior. Presumably the fact that the Germans have no royal family, and cannot agree on what to put in the building, are issues that can be addressed, well, some other time.

More projects in Berlin.

Gallery Building Am Kupfergraben 10

Creating such a seemingly simple building whilst instilling so much warmth and life is incredibly difficult. Skip to content Open Menu architectureinberlin. Furniture clearly follows the same idea: They are generously proportioned — bringing views of the city into the building as if part of the art collection — and are articulated by folding shutters and frames made of ipe, a tropical wood sustainably sourced and left untreated.

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The interior spaces are quite magnificent. The location is unique in that it is where the urban block pattern typical of Kupfergarben comes to an end and is replaced by a collection of large-scale independent structures.

We prefer you log in when posting a comment. Site plan Kupfergraben 10 David Chipperfield Architects.

D – Berlin. Notify me of new comments via email.

The massive interior ceiling heights and spaces they cover are perfectly formed to give this building a reverential atmosphere. It doesnt look great, given.

As many works of art and installations need specific lights and atmosphere, spaces are kupfergrahen adaptable. Previous Post Critical of Reconstruction. The simple floor plan varies throughout the four storeys depending on kupfergrabeb form of the volume and the placement of the window openings. The gallery is closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The surrounding area is a building site at the moment an unavoidable side effect of making buildings, I guess so the pictures lack that archi-pornographic quality: This site uses cookies.


Am Kupfergraben 10

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The building cores determine the organisation of the 5. The interior is defined by daylight and pure lines, with solid materials characterizing the exterior.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The most notable other completed project is some apartments he did overlooking a small park area round the back of Potsdamerplatz behind the Sony Centre. Cancel reply Enter your comment here The Am Kupfergraben 10 gallery is located on the Kupfergraben canal, overlooking the Lustgarten and the Museum Island.

The gallery building provides well-proportioned rooms for art to be shown, but also for living and working in: