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In Althusser the need for a concept of overdetermination appears in Marxism at the point where the ideology of simple and general contradictions is undermined . At present, Althusser’s philosophy as a whole is undergoing a contradiction, uneven development, and overdetermination is that of the. Richard L. LITS / LITS Notes 03A 1 LOUIS ALTHUSSER “ CONTRADICTION AND OVERDETERMINATION” () In what is his f.

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This reduction itself Hegel derived the idea from Montesquieuthe reduction of all the elements that make up the concrete life of a historical epoch economic, social, political and legal institutions, customs, ethics, art, religion, philosophy, and even historical events: Early Writings London, Althusesr A circle of circles, consciousness has only one centrewhich althusswr determines it; it would need circles with another centre than itself — decentred circles — for it to be affected at its centre by their effectivity, in short for its essence to be over-determined by them.

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June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Indeed, the only book-length study Althusser published during his lifetime was a work on Montesquieu, which appeared at the end of the decade.

Moulier Boutang, Yann, This account of the ideological role of our conceptions of human nature and of the best political arrangement shows Althusser to differ little from interpretations of Marx which hold that political ideologies are the product of and serve existing economic relations.

In constituting this unity, they reconstitute and complete their basic animating unity, but at the same time they also bring out its nature: Added by Althusser to these two aspects dontradiction the mode of production are those of ideological, political, and philosophical production, among others.


The Overdetermination Argument Against Eliminativism.

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In his writings from overdetermibation s, for instance, his method and conclusions resemble those of the Marxist Humanists of whom he would later be so critical, while texts from the s deploy without irony the Stalinist shibboleths he would later subject to such castigation.

In this understanding of history, feudalism must lead to capitalism and capitalism to socialism.

Ideology And Ideological State Apparatusestr. A Dichotomy in the Quest for Social Systems. To Althusser, the propositions which have explanatory value at the level of ontology and cosmology also have value at the level of political philosophy. In addition, these texts suggest the need for a thorough study of Marx. Althusser, though, is comfortable with this circularity.

How else should we summarise these practical experiences and their theoretical commentaries other than by saying that the whole Marxist revolutionary experience shows that. Always a good pupil, Althusser excelled in his studies and became cpntradiction in the Scouts.

He also rejects the philosophy of history that often accompanies this model. This obviously means the worse side for the rulers, but without stretching the sense unduly we can interpret the bad side as the bad side for those who expect history from another side! However, Althusser made the case that these texts were contradictory and insufficient for this purpose. This is not to say that Althusser was politically inactive at the school or that his communism did not influence his philosophical work.

The three inspirations Althusser gave for this interpretive method were those provided by Spinoza, Freud by way of Lacan, and that provided by Marx himself. One was that Althusser was only able to offer his reading by ignoring much of what Marx actually wrote about his logic and about the concepts important to his analysis.


Althusser and the Renewal of Marxist Social Theory

In the case of Humanist Marxism, the object that comes to be known by its essence is the human subject in its full freedom. On the one hand, the structure the economic base: As the effect of these recognitions is to continue existing social relations, Althusser argued that a Dictatorship of the Proletariat is necessary so that Ideological State Apparatuses productive of the bourgeois subject can be replaced with those productive of proletarian or communist subjects.

Presses Universitaire de France, —; trans. Whether these texts represent a continuation of, or even the key to his philosophy or whether they are an aberration is presently being debated in the secondary literature. This did not mean, contrzdiction, that any concept was as good as any other. If chance smiles on her, if someone listens and if effects occur, then elements might recombine and a new political might take hold.

Among and within these specific practices, there may or may not be tensions. Presses Universitaires de France,— Louis Althusser in Continental Philosophy.