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Alexander Dolgun’s Story has ratings and 35 reviews. Matt said: I read this book long ago yet just ran into it again and thought to list it here. The. Alexander Dolgun was a U.S. citizen working as a junior employee of the American Embassy in Moscow when he was arrested in and charged with being. In he wrote a book, ”Alexander Dolgun’s Story: An American in the Gulag,” detailing his arrest by Stalin’s security police in and.

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Cold numbed fingers could not hold onto handles and levers and timbers and crates, and there were many accidents, often fatal.

Alexxander 28, Chris rated it it was amazing. In the glare from the window it was hard to see the far end of the cell clearly, but I know that it was already packed with people standing on the floor and sitting or lying on or under the sleeping platforms.

He was taken to Lubyanka prison where a guard told him to take off his clothes. With lower rations you would be too weak to maintain whatever percentage of the norm you had been achieving, and so your ration would be lowered dolhun.

Jan 15, Michael Brown rated it it was amazing. We all grow up learning about the horrors of the Holocaust, but we never learn about the crimes and horrors exacted on the people of dolfun Soviet Union during Stalin’s reign and after. They were rotated from post to post frequently, and from camp to camp, to ensure that they formed no friendships with the prisoners.

Feb 02, Thom Sutton rated it it was ok. Dolgun’s story unique, is that he is an American wlexander he is kidnapped and falsely accused of spying. Even sadder, how he finally reunited with his elderly mother, only to discover the Soviet secret police had tortured her they had pulled out aleexander her finger nails to keep her from continually searching for her son. He was falsely accused of espionage against the Soviet Union and endured a year of alexandee and food deprivation, as well as brutal psychological and physical torture designed to prod him into “confessing” to his interrogator, Colonel Sidorov.


His terse writing style is honest and straightforward in a way that keeps his narrative bare and factual while still offering a sense of his inner turmoil and leaving the reader with a charmed impression of his personality. I started lectures in world geography, calling up everything I could remember about rainfall, population, industry, vegetation, rivers, towns, political structure, and all the rest.

The only thing I found lacking that I usually look alexanded in a memoir is the sense that the person has We learn fairly young that there are bad things that happen that couldn’t have been prevented and you just pick up the pieces and keep going.

Alexander Dolgun

He was interned in the infamous Lubyanka and Lefortovo prisons in Moscow. He ended up at DzhezkazganKazakhstanwhere he labored for several months until being called back to Moscow. He was married in This is another book that I alexanderr years ago and am reading again. I read this as part of a grad thesis I wrote regarding how political prisoners in the then-USSR coped with their arrest, sentencing, transport, internment, release, and eventual rehabilitation into society.

I found this book fascinating and educational. I intend to read it again one of these days just to reference my point of view now as compared to then.

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Gulag: Many Days, Many Lives | Days and Lives

I held my own private screening several times. Dolgun, an American citizen, alexanfer arrested as a spy and sent to the Lubayanka and from there to the gulags. Absolutely the greatest One of the greatest stories of personnal triumph I have ever read.

Item List Alexander Dolgun. What follows are almost unbelievable horrors of torture and eventually exile to the pr Picked this book up because it was mentioned in a newsletter I get. At any rate, some details of that book I’ve never forgotten; especially those details pertaining to survival. I especially liked the anecdote about how a coffee bean shipment was accidentally delivered to his camp and tossed out in the garbage because no one knew what roasted beans looked like.

An American in the Gulag by Alexander Dolgun.

Since reading it I have given a lot more attention to documentaries on tv that I might have previously passed by. Alexander Dolgun was a U. Apr 16, Rebecca A,exander rated it it was amazing.

I read this book about 30 years ago and have thought of it often. Humes, Dolgun managed to get an exit visa and relocated to WlexanderMaryland.

Alexander Dolgun’s Story: An American in the Gulag by Alexander Dolgun

An American dlogun the Gulagco-written with Patrick Watsonwhich recounted his Gulag experience in detail. At the far end was a large window, open in the warm air, with bars on the outside. Trivia About Alexander Dolgun’ I found it interesting but I don’t think it should be in a Christian school library – bad language, sex, etc.