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But in regards to general enquiry pushtimarg books in English, there to start, ideally 84 Vaishnav Stories (Chaurasi Vaishnav Varta) or Posted – 31 October could any one tell me if these books are avilable in Englis? If they are, could you tell me where from? Jai shree Krishna. 84 Vaishnav Ni Varta [mahaprbhuji’s stories] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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He went inside the temple and cooled the hot kheer with a fan.

But what in kalyug? Shri Mahaprabhuji would visit and meet the previous guru of Avrta. I’m also thinking of buying the Subhodhini but it is very expensive as there are 25 volumes!

Once Shri Mahaprabhuji visited Shri Narayandasji’s village. Tilkayat Goverdhanlalji used to say “If you cannot understand the principles of Pushtimarg then read the vartas daily. Thakurji himself has manifisted in form of shri vallabh to show jeev the correct n best way to reachthakurji Edited vaishanv – Kruti on 02 February But in regards to general enquiry pushtimarg books in English, there are many available these days http: I have purchased all 3 parts of the vaishnav stories online, but I was englih wondering if the 84 vaishnav vaarta is diffferent or part of the vaishnav vaarta.

So is there any Bhagwat Gita edition which is written by pushtimarg goswami in English as I don’t know how to read in hindi or Gujarati. Well, 84 vaishnavas stories are those who were given bramhasambandh by shri Vallabh and vaishnavas are those who were bramhasambandh by Shri Gusaiji son of shri vallabh. Ehglish this way Shri Krishnadasji could know Shri Mahaprabhuji’s wishes 48 to divine grace. Entry Level Member 2 Posts. In effect I feel I will be converted if I finish reading the book!


One day Shri Krishnadasji went to his previous guru.

Pusthimargia books in English – Pushtikul Satsang Mandal | Forums | Beginners Questions

In a hurry to meet Shri Mahaprabhuji Shri Narayandasji started doing the sewa at fast speed. This book shows in a very simple way the basic principles of Pushtimarg. I have been reading the Bhagwat Gita As It Is edition by Praphupada of the Hare Krishans, but Vaishnsv am finding that the explanations engoish very much geared towards ‘going back to godhead’ and saying the hare krishna mantra. Shri Mahaprabhuji went to sleep with this thought. This chapter gives information on the 84 vaishnavas of Shri Mahaprabhuji.

I would suggest u to read Shodash Granth. Thakurji or shri vallabh?

Pushti Dharohar – Let’s conserve…

He went back to Shri Mahaprabhuji, woke him up by doing charan-sewa and offered the mumra to him. Once in Jatipura Shri Mahaprabhuji was resting in Damodardasji’s lap. These stories will help u a lot n are best to start learning about pushtimarg. S hri Mahaprabhuji accepted many jivas as vaishnavas during his life time.

Kruti Entry Level Member 2 Posts. The vartas are the easiest way to understand our sampradaya”. In ‘siddhant rahasya granth’ aapshri has revealed the secret how thakurji appears before him and Shri Vallabh’s mukharvind is same as of thakurji’s The fields where the mumra were available were on the opposite banks of the river Ganga.


I am now more interested nu Pusthimarg and vedic values in general. When Shri Gokulchandramaji touched the kheer his hands and lips were burnt. Seeing this Shri Krishnadasji lifted a handful of burning coals from the fire that was burning near the guru’s seat and said loudly – “If Shri Mahaprabhuji is not the supreme Lord then let my hands burn to ashes!!

84 Vaishnav Ni Varta

Shri Narayandasji had divine powers, gold would be unearthed from each and every place where he would dig. I said that because tomatoes are in the mode of passion rajasic so cannot be eaten. I am asking this becuase when I become older I want to offer vasihnav the food I make to Krishna- at the moment my family even eat garlic and 884 and only a small offering is made to Shrinathji.

Aapshri is 1 vaishnnav swaroop 2 swaminiji radhaji swaroop 3 agni swaroop. At that moment Shrinathji came running down from Mount Goverdhan. On seeing the gold Narayandasji would call his niece and tell her “burry this waste!! During his prithvi parikrama Shri Mahaprabhuji visited mount Parli near Badrinath. How jeev can get bhakti in such dangerous kaliyug.

Suddenly Shri Mahaprabhuji thought that it would be nice to eat mumra specailly processed wheat in this weather.