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2SC Datasheet PDF Download – NPN SILICON FPITAXAIL TRANSISTOR, 2SC data sheet. Description, NPN Silicon Fpitaxail Transistor. Company, ETC. Datasheet, Download 2SC datasheet. Cross ref. Similar parts: ECG23, 2SC, ECG 2SC は高周波高出力段用に設計されており, 27MHz帯の CB および 50MHz. * C – 7 BRISLIT. GEOT DAMEMO,. 短絡に対する耐破壊強度が大です。.

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Demonstration how to solder rf transformers to a Veroboard. But other crystal frequencies are also possible. By methods like these and 2 months of steady improvement I finally got the transmitter working the way I wanted it to have. Again this is to avoid the repeated soldering process ruining my Veroboards:. Now, in late autoumn, this rig s nearly completely finished. Daatsheet amplifier terminates broadband style toroid transformer putting its rf energy into a diode ring mixer which by definition is a balanced mixer circuit.

Alternative 2 ensures very much a higher level of signal seperation dattasheet depends on the availability of 2ssc1307 respective ICs needed like the 74HC a multiplexer IC for example. One shortcoming should be mentioned: They are more or less crap.

(PDF) 2SC1307 Datasheet download

Emitter degeneration also helps to 2c1307 gain constant AND lowers distortion: Taking your IF between 8 and 12 MHz might be the best choice in my opinion. Just offhand, anyone have practical experience in substituting a 2SC for a 2SC? I bought about 50 pieces for around 10 Euros. If you own a spectrum analyzer you can write a datashdet test program to produce sine waves over the whole frequency an check the flatness of your DDS this way. But there is no need to disconnect and reconnect an endless number of cables each time you perform a modification.


Every DDS produces spurii that can be received with more or less intense signal strength in your own receiver. But 2s1307 experiments were neccessary to optimize the VFO circuit.

So, after some days of conceiving, I finally had the basic concept in mind. Frequency calculations For the two lower bands 80 and 40 meters the operating frequency is calculated by the following scheme: Band switch drivers The drivers for each band that drive 3 series switched relays per band are controlled by one seperate port of the controller Ports PE3 to PE7.

Must have high dynamic range.

Also keep harmonics in mind! My simple answer then is: Also I had lots of parasetics particularly on the higher bands and self-oscillation occured as soon as I started to increase the drive coming from the tx mixer. For the two lower bands 80 and 40 meters the operating frequency is calculated by the following scheme:.

PE3 is for 80 meters, PE4 for 40 and so on. Each time I get a new package of RF power transistors today, the first step is to check them out in the former CB rig if they are able to deliver the desired output power.

RF Power Transistor

The transmitter I have to admit, I underestimated the diffculties that I was going to face when ddatasheet a 3 to 30 MHz broadband QRP amplifier with a power output level of about 10 watts on all the five bands covered. The transistor gets only a low quiescent base current, so linearity lacks compared to class A. There you can find how this regulator should look like. Regards Ollie k0lqk toggle quoted message.


Next step was to check the hFE of the transistor after having pulled it out of the rig again. One delivers increasing voltage when signal strength is rising, the other decreases voltage under the same condition.


And also keep in mind that the image frequency on every band should not fall into shortwave broadcast bands e. And, oh yes, kudos to board maker who, in his wisdom, provided both TO and TO holes for the Q7 final. All what you have got to do is to connect the various ports of the microcontroller to your application.

Again this is to avoid the repeated soldering process ruining my Veroboards: Money is not the big problem. That is absolutely OK for rf designs! Search Only Within This Topic.

2SC Datasheet PDF – ETC

Birdies are a particular problem when you use DDS frequency generation. Socket strips for quick change of components Advantage: The same is true for the emitters bypasses: If they are counterfeits, ask Paypal if you used this for payment for a refund. There are s2c1307 cures for the various problems. In high color mode on the other hand each pixel contains 2 bytes of data which makes 2sc11307 transfer a bit slower.

Please watch later posts dataseet this blog that will show adaptions and modifications of this rig. Among other reasons this is due to the fact that a low-pass filter is switched to the output of the DDS. These boards are equipped with an ATMega micorocontroller which is capable to deliver enough capacity and calculation power even for extended software.